Monday, May 29, 2017

Our Final Week Together 2016-2017

Well everyone,  we have made it. . .the end to another fabulous year at TCE!  I would like to say thank you so much to each and everyone of you for making this school year a success!  Your dedication, growth mindset, passion, and love for kids and learning continues to amaze me each day.  I wish you all a wonderful summer and while I know many of you have plans to do summer school, tutor, attend professional learning, etc. please also make time for yourself and enjoy those quiet moments of rest to rejuvenate yourself!  To those of you who are leaving our TCE family this year, we will miss you dearly and wish you much happiness and just know we are only a phone call/text away!  
Love you all and here's to a fantastic summer!

Week of:  May 29th-June 2nd, 2017

Monday-  No School, Holiday!

Tuesday - Jeans/Shorts - Any shirt
5th Grade Graduation - 1:30pm Gym/Cafeteria Reception

Wednesday - Jeans/Shorts/Sweats - Any shirt

Thursday -  Jeans/Shorts - Any shirt

Friday - No School 

Important Reminders

T-shirt Form - Need the form filled out by this Tuesday morning!!
We are going to go ahead and order short sleeve t shirts for the beginning of the year.  However, due to budgeting (specifically on what we can purchase for educators) we need you to pitch in to buy your shirt.  I am looking at designs this week and talking with our team leaders for ideas.  We will get good quality and the cost will be $15.00 per shirt.  If we are able to get it cheaper, we will use any of the extra funds to purchase treats for professional learning during that first week back.  

If you could please give your money to Laura by the last day of school.   
Cash only please!!

Check Out Sheet and Inventories
Don't forget to get your check out sheets filled out!  We will be doing check outs on Thursday, if you need to come back the next week to check out or finish up, please let me know.  Also, team leaders make sure you have turned in your inventory lists to me (Google spreadsheets/docs are great).  Please make sure and include any new items we have added this year to our supplies/resources.

End of the Year Folder Pick-Up and Data Entry
Please remember that we will have all special ed, 504, ESL, folders to turn in at the end of the year.  More info will come soon on when and where to deliver these folders.  Make sure you have entered any data into Aware as needed for RTI as well as for the district.  If you have questions about any data entry, please touch base with your team leader or me/Brett in the office!  

Professional Learning this Summer
Don't forget about all the amazing professional learning happening this summer with CISD!  Check out Eduphoria and sign up for some great trainings!  We have several people presenting this year!  I will send out more info during the summer highlighting some professional learning ideas/workshops!  

From the Desk of BS….volume 35
Final Submission

We Did It!
With this week being the last week of school, this will be the final edition this year of From the Desk of BS. With that being said, it has been a joy blogging every week and the tradition will continue next year. Thank you to our guest bloggers as well, and can’t wait to see what we have in store in the future. Until then please enjoy the video link below and have a great last week! 


Shout Outs!
To my wonderful colleagues and friends - Thank you for making my years at Town Center some of the best years of my life! Thank you for the love, grace, and kindness you have given me. I love you all! – Becky

I was having so much fun at my retirement party (wink, wink) that I forgot to say thank you to everyone for coming to help me celebrate. What a fiesta my friends! Thank you! You're the best! – Becky

Julie, Kelly, and Marie, thank you for such a wonderful year! Your friendship, leadership, and love for children makes my heart so happy! We are going to rock this kindergarten thing! Love you, Lori

Katy, I am going to miss you next year! Love you my sweet friend! Thank you for always being there for me and A hallway!! Good luck in your new adventure!  Lori

Kristan & Lisa, Thank you for stepping in and covering my class lately! I so appreciate your willingness to help out. –Marly

Anne, Patti, & Lisa, I enjoyed getting to be down in your classroom this week. The circumstances that led me to be there for my lunch break may not have been positive, but I still learned a lot from you and liked being there! –Marly

Thank you, Beth, for watching my kiddos so I could go to Hadley's End of the Year Ceremony! You're the best! –Erin

Katy, Lauren, Kim - thank you for all of your support and help this past month! I am so lucky to be working with an amazing team! You all are the best! Lorri B.

Courtney- Can't wait for next year!! So excited to be with you again!! 💕 Lorri B.

Lauren, Lorri and Katy - thank you all SO much for making my first year back in the classroom absolutely amazing! I love you all and am so blessed to have you as a team and friends!!! Love y'all! Kim

A-hall peeps - thank you so much for all the fun times, friendly smiles and belly laughs this year! I have loved being a part of such a fun and supportive group of friends! Kim

Sue - thank you for your lovely cake and bad luck to those who were too late - it disappeared fast! Laura

Thanks to all for being positive and welcoming when I get new subs in and being understanding when not all goes to plan.. Laura

Office staff, Thank you so much for another amazing year together!  I appreciate your dedication to helping our kiddos, educators, staff and families each day with all you do!!  Love y’all!!  - Angie

TCE Team Leaders,  Thank you for all you have done to help lead your teams this year, from planning, passing on communications and constantly being thought partners as we go through the year!  I appreciate each of you and thank you for a job well done!  - Angie

TCE Content Specialists, I know how much extra time can go into attending those extra meetings and planning to get the info out to our campus.  Thank you for all you have done in helping to lead this year!  - Angie

June Birthdays
Catherine Kim - 25th
Courtney Rice - 30th
Kate Seifert - 30th

July Birthdays
Ashley Martin - 8th
Mary Kennington - 16th
Lauren Torti - 19th
Rosa Rodriguez - 23rd
Kasey Kemp - 24th
Katy McKinney - 26th
Tina Berumen - 29th

Final Quotes for the Week

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