Sunday, August 30, 2015

First week down. . .ready to move on into the year!

1st week down and now ready to move on into the year!  This will be a busy week with Curriculum Night, but we won't have any other major meetings, so hopefully you will have time to get everything ready to go for Thursday! 
Week of:
August 31st-September 4th, 2015

Monday -Have a Marvelous Monday! 

Tuesday - Have a Terrific Tuesday! 

Wednesday - Have a Wonderful Wednesday! 

Thursday - Write-a-Check Begins
Safety Patrol Meeting - 2:00pm (5th grade)
Curriculum Night:  K-2nd (5:30-6:30)  3rd-5th (6:30-7:30) 

Friday - Jeans Day

Important Reminders and Updates
Red and Black T-shirts
Order your Red and Black Attack shirts if you haven't already in order to participate in some additional jeans/sweats days this year!  Plus it is a great way to show our support from TCE for the Education Foundation!

Curriculum Night
Brett and I are working on the slides to send home to parents from the office.  Team leaders, please send me a copy of your presentation for your grade level when it is ready!  

Shout Outs!

Shout out to everyone for an amazing first week back!  The kiddos were all so happy and excited to be at school and you did a wonderful job already forming relationships in order to make it the best year ever!
Shout out to Lori Vincenzo for being in the top 6 for the Texas State Teacher of the Year!

Shout out to Alicia Montgomery and Brad Cook for working on getting our technology ready to go and for helping get our iPad rollout started for 4th and new 5th graders!

Shout out to Sherri Kingsley, Sudeshna Ghose and our student teacher Sierra for working hard to get our kiddos out for daycare and for the buses!  

Shout out to Laci Garza for helping to get our YMCA kiddos organized in A hall and walking them down!

Shout out to Brett Shelby for helping to get furniture moved and placed in various locations around the halls!

Shout out to Ms. Star and her ladies for a great start to the year in the cafeteria!

Shout out to Ms. Rosa, Sarah and Marina for doing some extra cleaning this week to help with sanitizing!

Shout out to all of you that are Tweeting out pics about TCE and the amazing learning going on each day!

September Birthdays
Alicia Montgomery - 2nd
Sue Kane - 5th

Sue Kane - 5th

Curriculum Resources
Sorry guys, with my first SFA class being this weekend, I haven't had time to get as much collected yet. . .will have some next week!
Final Quotes 
Don't forget about the challenge we will have this year to learn something new!  We will talk more about it at our first faculty meeting, so be brainstorming on what you might want to focus on this year! 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ready to Kick Off the New School Year!

I can't believe I am going into my 5th year as principal and get to continue having the opportunity to work alongside all of you again! You are by far the most dedicated, caring, innovative and creative educators and staff an administrator could ask for!  Our kiddos and families are so lucky to have all of you guiding them and supporting them through this year of learning at TCE!  

As we go through this year, my hope is that you start day one building those strong and meaningful relationships with your kids.  As our very own Lori Vincenzo said so eloquently in her speech. . .it is truly about the relationships you have with the individuals you come in contact with each day.  Also, my hope is that we continue building and growing our relationships among our staff.  Our schools is truly an exceptional place to be and each of you play a giant role in making our school and TCE family so special!    

As we start the first week, you will notice (except for the 1st day) that we don't have too many events planned.  Hopefully, this will help you to get your routines and structures established for your kids from the start of the year!  

Week of August 24th-28th, 2015

Monday - First Day of School!
Boo Hoo Breakfast - Cafeteria
Mini-Spirit Rally - 8:30am - Gym

Tuesday -Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Wednesday - Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Thursday - Have a Tremendous Thursday!

Friday - Jeans Day (Grade Level T-shirt)
Fire Drill - 8:15am

Important Reminders and Updates
 Don't forget to watch your blood Born pathogens and allergy videos for this year!

Remember Curriculum Night is just around the corner!  Start thinking about everything you will need to share with parents and I am working on what I will send out as well for reminders, etc.!

Shout Outs!
Shout out to Laura Fairchild for all she has done getting enrollment and everything in the office ready to kick start the year!  
Shout out to Kelly Spears for all her support during this tricky time in the office with Brett being out and Laura being new!

Shout out to Sherri for jumping right in and helping wherever needed during this start of the year!  

Shout out to Kim Becker and Lisa Hansen for helping to clean up in the library after our professional learning training!

Shout out to Lisa Hansen for working with Kelly and Laura to get our ESL kiddos ready to be tested, etc!

Shout out to Lori Vincenzo for her amazing speech at convocation and for being such a great representative for our district and the region!  

Shout out to Kristan Hruby for being the "hostess with the mostest" for the summer TCE social! 

Shout out to Alicia Montgomery and Brad Cook for their help with Schoology and technology training tools! 

Shout out to Brett Shelby and his new bundle of joy Reagan Grace!  And thank you for sharing the RtI2 info for professional learning!

Shout out to Ashley Minton for coming over and helping us during our professional learning and her constant dedication to supporting our educators and learners!   

August Birthdays
 Casey Wagner - 6th
Kelly Spears - 23rd

Curriculum Resources
I will start adding more resources, video links, etc. as we go through the year!  Didn't think y'all had time to check anything out right now! 

Final Quotes
I thought these quotes were fitting as we start the beginning of another school year together. . .