Sunday, August 28, 2016

Gearing up for Week Two!

Can we say oh yeah. . .1st week down!  Woo hoo!  What a wonderful week of learning and relationship building you have all created for your kiddos!  Thank you for being prepared, excited and ready to go for your learners.  I can't wait to see what you have in store for them as we roll into week 2!
Week of Aug. 29th-Sept. 2nd, 2016

Monday- Have a Marvelous Monday!

Tuesday - Have a Terrific Tuesday!
Angie Out (AM) Principal Meeting
Safety Patrol Meeting for 5th grade-2:00pm (gym)

Wednesday - Wear jeans in celebration of final preparations for Curriculum Night on Thursday!

Thursday - Curriculum Night K-2 (5:30-6:30pm) 3rd-5th (6:30-7:30pm) - Professional Dress for this evening
Write a Check Begins for PTO

Friday - Jeans Day! Have a Fabulous Friday! 

Important Reminders and Updates
Don't forget to watch each of the videos needed for allergies, blood born pathogens, etc. and take the quizzes!  

Curriculum Night

We will be working on sending out a video connection from the office for reminders about procedural items for school (safety, expectations, etc.) this week.  Team leaders, for curriculum night, please make sure that you have shared your presentations with me and Brett.  Also, please make sure that you have scheduled with Brett where you will be presenting.  

Please remember that this is a night for informing parents about the year and that some kind of handout with links to websites, blogs, or the presentation is important.  This gives our parents something to refer to for any questions they may have during the year.   

Goals for Year and Sign-up - Due September 9th!
Brett and I have emailed out a sign-up genius through email for each of you to sign up on for your goal setting for this year.  Please make sure that you have gone in and signed up and have either filled out your goals.  Please know that these can be changed if you like after your meeting with us (we can edit now in this system), so don't worry if you aren't fully sure when you are filling out your individual and team/PLC goal as we will have time to brainstorm together.   

Texan Town Jobs Brainstorming
We will be starting our 1st Texan Town on September 16th, so we need to start brainstorming now ideas for jobs/clubs for the fall session!  I am attaching a Google Doc that we can use and begin gathering ideas (name of club/job and three to four sentences of job description).  If your team would like to refer back to jobs/clubs from the past, you can look back to the final lists in Google Docs, just search Texan Town!

Please remember that we need to try to have a wide variety of jobs/clubs available.  So, once again I am limiting the number of clubs that may have two people in charge.  If you have a club with more than one teacher, it will need to accommodate at least 20-25 kiddos.  The only exception to this is our Texan Treats as I will be working with Sherri to see how we can work everything out this year with popcorn production and delivery!

Click here for link to Texan Town Brainstorming!

From the Desk of BS
Each week this year, we will have some additions from the desk of Brett Shelby!  We wanted to keep everything in one blog, so you weren't having to jump too much for info!


Show me that smile again, 
Don't waste another, minute on your cryin...
We're nowhere near the end, 
The best in ready to begin....

It's been a great week, here's to many, many more! 

September Birthdays
Sue Kane - 5th
Martha Cruz - 20th

Shout Outs!  
I am going to do shout outs a bit different this year. . .in order to help gain input from each of you on the wonderful things happening around the school I am asking for your participation!  This way we can celebrate each week instead of just at faculty meetings!  We will still have a type of celebration at faculty meetings, but working on a few ideas. . .
more to come on that later on.

Curriculum Resources/Ideas
As you are beginning to generate your goals for the year, think about how you are getting your learners to understand the impact of goals and how they will be continuously working toward reaching their goals for learning.  

Capturing Learning with Pictures
I am going to try to post as many pics as I can this year from learning that Brett and I capture as we are walking the building.  There are amazing learning strategies being used to help build culture, align expectations and set high growth mindsets for your kiddos this year!  I know you don't always have time to see what is happening in each room, so we will try to share as much as we can capture for you!  Here are a few we have so far!   

Final Quote for the Week
Something to keep in mind as we go through the 
year and set goals for ourselves and our learners. . .taking time to reflect and celebrate along the way!