Saturday, September 30, 2017

Finally. . .feeling like fall. . .a little bit!

Well, I thought this pic below was just about right with our crazy weather lately. . .but I think it is actually starting to feel more like fall!  Hopefully we will get a little cooler before too long and at least it's not so crazy warm today!  

Week of:  October 2nd-6th, 2017

Goal Setting Meetings Wrapping Up
Monday Wear Blue and Jeans - Support Bullying Prevention Month!

Tuesday - Wear Jeans and Coppell Ed. Foundation shirt!
CoGat Testing 3rd and 5th grade
Curriculum Management Framework Training - see details in important reminders

Wednesday - Wear jeans and college/military shirt!
CoGat Testing 3rd and 5th grade
Faculty Meeting - 3:15 - Library

Thursday - PTO Meeting 6:00pm

Friday - Parent Conferences (jeans and nice shirt)

Important Reminders
Red & Black Super Star Program
The first deadline for the Red & Black Super Star Program is next Friday, October 6th at 5pm.  As a reminder, at the elementary schools, 1 student per grade and 2 CISD employees will be selected (total of 8 people recognized).  
To submit a nomination, please follow the link below.
Tour Date
We will have our first day in which other districts will be touring our campus on Tuesday, October 17th!  This is the day in which several other school districts will be touring several Coppell schools.  More info to come during our faculty meeting!  As a campus we will be highlighting technologies in learning as well as hands-on STEM (specifically engineering).  

Stop, Collaborate and Listen - Math
TCE will be the host site for all of the district Stop, Collaborate and Listen Math after school workshops this year.  They are wanting to meet in alternating math teachers classrooms (K-5).  This is a great way to take advantage of the learning within these workshops since it will be at TCE!  Remember these can count toward flex hours as well as the additional 6 hours you need to cover the last day of school in the spring.  
Here is where they will be held:
  • Second Nine Weeks
    • 1st, 3rd, 5th: October 10 (3:30 - 5:00 pm) 1st:  Courtney Rice (A110), 3rd:  Ashlin Bowman (B101), 5th:  Kasey Kemp (C107)

    • Kinder, 2nd, 4th: October 12 (3:30 - 5:00 pm) Kinder:  Marie Sork (A103), 2nd:  Logan Heath (B107), 4th:  Jenna Taylor (A203)

  • Third Nine Weeks
    • 1st, 3rd, 5th: December 5 (3:30 - 5:00 pm) 1st:  Lorri Brehm (A107), 3rd:  Catherine Kim (B104), 5th:  Renee Foroodi (C108)

    • Kinder, 2nd, 4th: December 7 (3:30 - 5:00 pm)  Kinder:  Kelly Burks (A104), 2nd:  Erin Naughton (B110), Kate Seifert (B205)

  • Fourth Nine Weeks 
    • 1st, 3rd, 5th: February 20 (3:30 - 5:00 pm) 1st:  Courtney Rice (A110), 3rd:  Ashlin Bowman (B101), 5th:  Kasey Kemp (C107)

    • Kinder, 2nd, 4th: February 22 (3:30 - 5:00 pm)  Marie Sork (A103), 2nd:  Logan Heath (B107), 4th:  Jenna Taylor (A203)

Classroom Management Framework Training
Don't forget that there is a new workshop being held this week on Tuesday afternoon from 4:00-5:00!  Our own Kelly Spears will be presenting and we had a great representation from TCE at the last one!  Hope you can attend to learn some great techniques, have wonderful discussion and bond with others as we form stronger relationships with our learners!  

PTO Grants Due

I have been getting some wonderful PTO grants turned in the last few weeks!  Please make sure that you have put a hard copy in my box as well as emailed me the Google Doc.  If you could have these turned in to me by the end of the day on Thursday, October 5th!  If you have questions, please just let me know!

Ed Foundation Grants

Don't forget if you are interested in turning in an Ed. Foundation grant to touch base with me and get everything filled out by: October 18th at 4:30pm!


Please remember if you need any classroom supplies/resources that you touch base with me and your team leader.  We have funds to order supplies for science experiments, math manipulatives, engineering supplies or other resources that you may need for day to day instruction.  We just need to know, so that we can order with a purchase order and in bulk as needed.  

Schedule in Google Doc

Annelise sent out an email about adding your day to day instructional block times to a Google folder that the district can use as needed for walkthroughs with instruction.  
Click here for the link!  
(Make sure the schedule is saved with your name or section number.)

Reminder about Personal Days/Sick Days 

Please make sure that you are following district policy by turning in requests to me two weeks in advance for personal days/sick days (when you know of a doctor's appointment early).  These forms are in the office and just place in my box or hand to me.  As you know, I am very understanding about things that may come up last minute, but we need to try to schedule these as best as we can ahead of time.  This is to ensure we are abiding by the district expectations as well as able to get subs who are familiar with our campus structures and routines.
Reminders about Indoor Recess
Please remember that as our fall months come and we may have more rainy days with inside recess that we are not watching movies/videos.  We have purchased many indoor games through PTO grants and I am happy to purchase more as needed to ensure our learners are active and social during recess time.  Our learners can draw, build, construct, engineer, do coding, read for fun, etc.  You may also incorporate movement activities such as GoNoodle or exercising, but nothing where learners are just sitting and watching.  Thank you for your help with this and if you have questions or concerns, please let me know.  

"Who made you happy this week?"
Shout Out Your Happiness!
Kinder, 1st and 2nd grade educators,  thank you so much for all you got done during your assessment planning days!  You dug in and were ready to make groups, use new resources and made great plans for your kiddos!  So impressed with everyone! - Angie

Thank you Kristan, Lisa, Candace, Kelly and Annelise for all you are doing to support our educators with data this year!  - Angie

Thank you Laura, for always cheering me up when I have had a bad day! I love you! Sherri

Tina, Kristan, Lisa, and Candace - Thank you for the incredible Kinder Literacy based design challenge!! It was fun to see the learners collaborating to make a house to keep the bad wolf from blowing it down!!!! They were very engaged and excited! We appreciate y'all!! Lori and Julie

Dianne - Thank you for ALWAYS being on top of things with our little learners. Your dedication and hard work does NOT go unnoticed!!! We appreciate you!! Kelly and Julie

Thank you to everyone who came to my rescue when my back went out! Thank you Kristan, for taking me to the doctor and Angie for letting me go!! Thank you to Julie, Kelly, and Marie for helping me when I was down for the count! I love my TCE family!!!

Marly....thank you for your continuous patience, love and support for our 3 friends. I appreciate your out of the box thinking when it comes to quick solutions. - Dianne

Heather and Jenna...thank you for your love and support too. Our 3 friends are so lucky to have you all! – Dianne

Kelly, Marie, Lori and! What a crew we have! I am blow away everyday by the dedication and patience you ladies have! Thank you for your daily support of our friends! I know it is not easy but please know that you are making a difference! Thank you! – Dianne

Hansen! Thank you so much for moving Kathy's room upstairs to your old room! I know it was not easy moving rooms! Please is appreciated! Love ya- Dianne J.

Kristan, thank you for helping us get our Guided Reading binders together! Julie and Lori

Meredith and Katie- Thank you for making a difference with the 2 friends we share. You both work so hard to ensure their success academically and socially! Please know ....I really do appreciate you both! Love ya- Dianne J.

2nd grade - I think we totally crushed our Data Day! (I really mean it.) Y'all are so awesome to work with! –Erin

Logan - math stations look out! You are no match for Logan and me! Thank you for all your help in getting these planned. You da best! –Erin

Courtney, thank you for being the most supportive mentor ever even though we might as well be worlds apart this year! So grateful for your constant encouragement. Logan

Marie-your positive energy makes me search for the positive even on days when we think this is impossible. You make me smile. Anne

Lisa/Patti-It makes me happy when you give me time to think about things and help me talk through the strategies we should use. Couldn't do this without the two of you! Anne

Candace, Thank you for meeting with me to bounce ideas even if they were scattered! Casey

Annelise, Thank you for helping us with a sweet learner this week! You are much appreciated! Casey, Rachel, and Kasey

Laura, thank you for always stopping what you do when I need help or can't find something! You are the best! Casey

Sherri, POPCORN POPPER!! You make Texan Town pop smoothly! Casey

Erin- thank you for setting up all 3 classss in Sea Saw for us!!! You are a rock star --- Love Erica and Beth

Megan, Tracy, Catherine, and Heather: THANK YOU for helping out my sub and taking care of my kids while I was out!! So thankful for each of you! Ashlin

Thanks Katie T for always having to answer my crazy questions!! I promise I will get better as the year goes along. I won't be that annoying neighbor because if I do I know I will have to start bringing the "olive oil" on a regular basis!! Thanks again for helping a friend out!

Lisa, THANK YOU so much for the Sonic Drinks! You are the best!

Diane, Thank you for helping us with our sweet friends! You are awesome!  Marie and Lori

Lorri, Thank you for always being so sweet and ready to share everything and anything! I adore you! Marie

Lauren Torti - I love your dedication to first grade writing. Keep up the good work.

Kelly Spears - Love having my own personal counselor.  The price is right!

Mary, Thank you for helping gather info for the curriculum connection for my blog this week!  Appreciate you and all that you do help our educators grow in dyslexia identification as well as how we can all help our dyslexic learners flourish academically and socially!  - Angie

October Birthdays
Patrick Miller - 1st
Jenna Taylor - 25th

Curriculum Connection - Dyslexia
I thought it would be great for Mary to share some info with us about dyslexia for this week's blog!  She wanted to remind everyone that October is Dyslexia Awareness Month.  She has shared some great resources below that will help in your knowledge and understanding of dyslexia as well as how dyslexia is diagnosed, common signs/symptoms as well as other issues that may co-occur with dyslexia.  

Here is a link to a video connection and article with the info!
Click here to view!

Below is a quick dyslexia fact sheet and if you didn't know. . .Coppell ISD has developed a wonderful resource for anyone needing more knowledge of how to help our dyslexic learners!   

Schoology Course: Dyslexia Training and Resources: For Classroom Educator
Access Code: JBSVB-5D89J

(you can receive one hour of flex credit/SBEC credit if needed or just join the course to access resources!)

Final Quotes for the Week

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Last week of September. . . What??

I don't know about y'all, but this was one of those extra long weeks. . .

However, it's crazy because we look up and we are on the last week of September!  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and thank you to everyone that was able to come out to the Fall Family Picnic last night!  It's going to be another wonderful week of learning this week to wrap up this month!

Week of:  September 25th-29th, 2017

Goal Setting Meetings Wrapping Up
MondayKinder Assessment Planning Day - Kristan's Room 

Tuesday - 1st Grade Assessment Planning Day - Kristan's Room
Angie Out (AM)
Kelly Out (All Day)

Wednesday - Jeans Day - football pro or college team shirt
2nd Grade Assessment Planning Day - Kristan's Room

Thursday - Kelly Out (All day)

Friday - Jeans Day - Any shirt 
Kelly Out (All day)

Important Reminders
Assessment Planning Days
Teams you may wear jeans/sweats for your day.  Please bring any data you have gathered for your learners for this year to get us started digging into data!  We will have an agenda to follow and you will have time to plan specific learning groups for differentiating instruction.  Also, you will have time to focus on goal setting for learners as well as we will set our SLO (Student Learning Objective) goals together.  

TLC Assignment - Twitter
Remember that you have your virtual assignment from last week's blog Curriculum Connection about Twitter.  This was so we could implement virtual learning/sharing as well as face to face.   Please remember that this is a requirement, not an option and we will be following up to ensure everyone is participating.  See the curriculum connection within the blog from last week and do the assignment by. . . Due date:  Friday, September 29th

 I would like for you to view the link below and then post on the following padlet your answers to the following:

1.  Something you learned or a connection you made from the   link:  A Teacher's Guide to Twitter

2.  How you have used/or want to use Twitter to connect to others before

3.  People in education you follow 

Here is the link to an article that has great insight into all that is Twitter for educators!

Add your info here on this Padlet link!

I also put these links within our Schoology folder under TLC.  

Compliance Training
We are getting closer to the deadline for our compliance trainings. . .Don't forget about finishing up in Schoology, some are due by September 30th!  I am starting to go in each week and check for completion, so scroll back to the past blogs if you need more info on how to access!

Don't Forget to Join PTO and CGA
Scroll back to last past blogs for links!

PTO Grants and Ed Foundation Grants
Scroll back to past blogs for details and examples!

"Who made you happy this week?"
Shout Out Your Happiness!
Lisa, thank you SO much for coming to be a special friend in my class. You made my learner’s day and he couldn’t stop talking about it.

Thanks to my team for helping out with my sub plans while I was out. Beth P

Tracy-thank you for the yummy pizza and cheese bread on Special Friend's Day!! It sure made everything better!! -your teamies

Tracy & Heather - thank you guys for helping my sub and helping me catch up when I was at Math Academy on Thursday! Love y’all ❤ Catherine

3rd, 4th and 5th grade educators, thank you all so much for digging into data during your assessment planning days!  You continue to amaze me with your focus and dedication to doing everything we can for our kiddos!  - Angie

Candace- thanks for sharing Depth and Complexity with my learners! I appreciate the modeling too! Can't wait to use the strategies in the classroom this year! –Heather

Tina, Thank you for putting our blog together! It looks awesome! Lisa

Thank you Dianne! You do so much for our special learners and we so appreciate you!!! The First Grade Team

Mike and Candace thank you for being so flexible and helping with my morning duty when I had meetings! I really appreciate y'all! Lisa

Kate and Candace love being in robotics with y'all! Thanks for being so sweet and taking over so I could be with Luke! Lisa

Kristan, THANK YOU so much for being Drew's special friend!!! You are an amazing person!

TCE family! Shout out to you all for BOY goal setting. It was great to hear your thinking and your growth mindset. Great conversations!!! Annelise

Angie thanks for leading me in growth at TCE. I meant as a leader as I wrote this but we can also add in my extra 5lbs too! Haha. It's great being your AP! Annelise

Dianne, thank you for all that you do everyday with a smile. Clearly you are doing the job that requires two! Help is on the way. Thank you for taking it all on while we find you a teaching partner. Annelise

Kelly Spears and Kristin Hruby Thank you for laughter every single day! Insert bitmoji. Annelise

Lorri, thank you for spoiling A Hall with warm cookies and milk!!!! You are such a sweet and thoughtful friend. We love you!

TCE family, thank you for pitching in to make a special week for all of our special friends who visited as well as hanging out with our families at the picnic!  You make sure a difference in the lives of our kiddos and families!  Love, Angie

Marie and Rick Sork, thank you for gathering our hula hoops this morning that I forgot to pick up from the picnic last night!  (Laura and I were just glad there wasn’t a fire alarm going off at the end of the night. . .just a crazy light blinking!)  Angie

Tina and Erin, thank you for all you have done with the book fair this week! We truly appreciate our efforts as we know it can be a crazy time in the library!  Angie
September Birthdays
Sue Kane - 5th
Martha Cruz - 20th
Dianne Johnston- 24th

Curriculum Connection
If you didn't have a chance to check out all of the great resources in our first coaches' newsletter, make sure and check it out!  Thank you ladies (Kristan, Tina, Candace, Lisa, Kelly and Brooke) for putting out your first edition of the Coaches Corner!
Click here for link! 

Final Quotes for the Week
As we go into the month of October, think about the goals you have set for yourself and the goals you have for your learners this year.  Continue making those plans and thinking about how you/learners will get there. . .and how you will celebrate success along the way!