Saturday, October 14, 2017

Lots of Football!

Lots of football happening this weekend, including Texas vs. OU right now!  For those of you who are football fans. . .good luck to your teams!  
Looking forward to a busy, but fun week of learning at TCE as we have several activities happening!

Week of:  October 16th-20th, 2017

Monday- Coaches meeting 8:00am - Kristan's room
Team Leader meeting - 3:15pm - Kristan's room
Reschedule fire/tornado drill for next week - TBD

Tuesday - Transformation in Action Site Visit - AM and PM
Report Card Grades Due in System - 8:00AM
Classroom Management Framework Training - 4:00PM - Library
DEIC Meeting - 4:30PM - Admin. Bldg.  

Wednesday - Picture Retake Day! - AM
PTO Dallas Zoo Program - 9:30am - Gym (Kinder-5th)
TLC Meeting - All staff - Library - 3:15PM

Thursday - Annelise Out (AM)
Kinder and 1st STEM Planning Day - Kristan's Room

Friday - Angie Out Briefly (AM)
Jeans Day - any shirt!
Texan Town
Therapy Dogs
RTI Meetings - Kelly's room C hall

Important Reminders
Tour Dates
We will have our first day in which other districts will be touring our campus on Tuesday, October 17th!  This is the day in which several other school districts will be touring several Coppell schools.  As a campus we will be highlighting technologies in learning as well as hands-on STEM (specifically engineering).  

9:00 11:00: First group of visitors

11:00 – 1:00:  Participants eat/travel to next site visit during this time

1:00 – 3:00:  Second group of visitors

We also have another tour booked from Waxahachie ISD on Monday, October 23rd from 11:30-2:30pm.  I will talk more with team leaders on Monday about this tour and the focus.   

Team leaders, please email what your grade level will be learning on this day and remember to please have alternating subjects being taught order to showcase more types of learning.

PTO Programs
This year we will have a few PTO programs (some different ones that we haven't tried before) during the school day.  The first is this week with the Dallas Zoo.  If you happen to have specials during the time, the specials teachers will be with your kiddos (just drop them off for the start of the program).  You are welcome to stay to see the program, but just know that is the plan for coverage!   

"Who made you happy this week?"
Shout Out Your Happiness!

Thank you to the wonderful person who cleaned off and organized my desk. It was so amazing to come back from a three day weekend feeling frazzled to find a neatly organized desk.

Garden Coordinator Rice! Thank you for answering all of my gardening questions!! AND coming to third grade's rescue to help us find which bed was ours :) You're the best! Ashlin

Rachel,   Thank you so much for covering my morning duty when we had a meeting! You are the best! Renee

Thanks to all of our grade level teams for meeting with Kristan and me this week! We appreciate your time and look forward to supporting you this year!—Tina

Kelly and Kristan, Thank you so much for taking our student council kids on their leadership retreat! What a cool experience for them! Love, 5th grade

Thank you to Annelise, Mary and all of our educators who have helped to get data together, parent approval and everything ready to go for referrals!  It takes so much time and effort and know it is truly appreciated!! - Angie

Tina, Thank you for covering my class when a meeting ran long! You're the best!! Love, Meredith

Thank you to our basketball stars. . .Meredith, Katie, Morgan, Erin and Kate for being sports and playing some bball with our kiddos during the spirit rally! - Angie

Annelise---Thank you for always having grace and showing such kindness! Especially when I forget to sign paperwork for you! Can't wait to be your neighbor! ;) Tina

Thank you Patrick for all you did getting ready for the 1st performance of the year!  The 2nd graders did wonderful and we appreciate you!  - Angie

Thank you to Erickson and Beth for leading our fun challenges at the spirit rally!  Appreciate you!  - Angie

Tracy, Thank you for videoing my learner receiving his red and black superstar award while I was out! It made my day!! Ashlin

Thank you to Erica, Megan, Logan and Tracy for being our mummies at the spirit rally!  Lots of fun!  - Angie

Annelise, Thank you for your support and constantly being there for us when we need you! You are appreciated! Love, Meredith and Renee

Thank you Kristan, Tina and Candace for helping Kelly and I get our Kinders on See Saw! You guys rock! We love you!

Thank you to Kristan and Kelly for taking our student council kiddos again this year to their leadership workshop!  You have taken Stu Co to the next level for our kiddos!  - Angie

Julie, We LOVE how you make us laugh every day! You bring happiness wherever you go! We love you so much! Lori, Kelly and Marie

Annelise, Thank you for all your support with my sweet friend this year. I couldn't do it without you!  Marie

Angie,  Thank you for all you do! We love you!  Lori, Kelly, Julie, and Marie

Mike, Beth, & Patrick: You made our first Spirit Rally incredible! Thanks for all you do! –Mary

Julie Fidler for working with me and being patient and for the fact that she enjoys classic rock Tuesdays in the gym

Thanks to Patrick for putting on a killer 2nd grade show and making specials look good - Mike
Thanks Morgan, Katie, Erin, Meredith, and Kate for showing the kids that old person athletic ability will always trump the athletic abilities of children. – Mike

Patrick, I'm so happy and proud of our Second Graders and everything you have brought to TCE!

Shout out to Rachel Lim for being a duck and letting it roll off. Your calm in a storm is a gift. Way to go! Quack quack. Annelise

Sue, Laura and Sherri, thank you for taking such great care of our friend in the clinic. Your heart for kids shines bright. Annelise

Sherri, Sue and Lauren thank you for taking care of my mama heart and taking care of Dax and his allergies. Annelise

Marly and Dianne, thank you for going above and beyond to prep our friends for the craziness of the Spirit Rally. Annelise

Kelly, your empathetic ear for kids and parents is an amazing gift. TCE is so lucky to have you. Annelise

Tina, thank you so much for taking my morning duty when I was off-campus! You're always so willing to jump in and help I appreciate you! Lisa

Thanks to Tina for answering all my tech questions and always being so nice and patient! Julie

October Birthdays
Patrick Miller - 1st
Jenna Taylor - 25th

Curriculum Connection:  Coaching
Thought I would stick to something related to football in my blog this week. . .when I think of how football teams perform, I always think of coaching and the impact it can have on the players.  So, here are a few resources I found that were articles/video connections about mentoring and coaching.  Check these out to see how others are using coaching strategies with their learners!  

Final Quotes for the Week

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Enjoy your long weekend!

I don't know if all of you have made it out to the State Fair of Texas yet, but here's a reminder of the dates!  I think I am going to head out there next weekend, but definitely going to  make it this year. . .who doesn't love a good corn dog and some roasted corn. . .and can't forget a turkey leg and cotton candy!  And if you are adventurous this year they have funnel cake bacon queso burger, deep fried chicken noodle soup and deep fried froot loops (yep, that's how they spelled fruit).  There's always something fun and crazy to see or do at the fair and you have one free ticket!

Week of:  October 9th-13th, 2017


Tuesday - 
Host Site for Math: Stop, Collaborate and Listen (1st, 3rd, 5th-see last week's blog for locations) 3:30-5:00pm

Wednesday - Angie Out PM (District Conference)
Vertical Meeting - 3:15pm

Thursday - Angie Out (District Conference)
Kelly Out (AM)
Fire Department Clown Program - 8:45am - Cafeteria
Hruby/Berumen - Meeting with teams K-5 during conference
Host Site for Math:  Stop, Collaborate and Listen (Kinder, 2nd, 4th - see last week's blog for locations) 3:30-5:00pm

Friday - Wear Jeans and TCE Grade Level Shirts
Spirit Rally - 8:30am - 2nd grade performing

Important Reminders
Coaches Meetings with Teams
Our coaches meetings will start this week with teams and will alternate throughout the year.  Here are the dates for October and November.  We had to rearrange a few due to STEM planning days moving.  
Hruby and Berumen - Oct. 12th and Nov. 2nd
Hansen and Coffee - Oct. 26th (date change) and Nov. 9th
December no set dates, you can schedule to meet with anyone if needed.   Remember that this is a time you can ask questions, discuss resources, interventions, lesson design, etc. as a group.  

Stem Planning Days
We had a few more changes to STEM planning dates due to a district training being scheduled and some others needing to be out.  Here is where we have landed!
Kinder and 1st - Oct. 19th
4th and 5th - Oct. 24th
2nd and 3rd - Oct. 30th

Spirit Rally
If you have anything to add to the spirit rally agenda for this Friday, please touch base with me!  I believe we have our specials team as our activity group (game/activity to lead)!  As well as we have 2nd grade learners performing!

Tour Date
We will have our first day in which other districts will be touring our campus on Tuesday, October 17th!  This is the day in which several other school districts will be touring several Coppell schools.  As a campus we will be highlighting technologies in learning as well as hands-on STEM (specifically engineering).  Team leaders, please email what your grade level will be learning on these days and remember to please have alternating subjects being taught for this day to showcase more types of learning.  

"Who made you happy this week?"
Shout Out Your Happiness!
Rachel and Casey, Thank you SO much for picking up our kids for us when our meeting ran long! We appreciate it! Love, Meredith and Renee

Kate, You are the for sharing that awesome Global Read Aloud resource! Thanks!!! Love, Meredith

Candace, Thank you SO much for your amazing lessons on depth and complexity! My learners (and I!) have so enjoyed your lessons, and I deeply appreciate you taking the time to come teach us! You are AMAZING!! Love, Meredith

Thank you to whomever has been writing the fun questions on the dry erase board by the lounge! It's a fun distraction. :)

Morgan-Thank you for letting me share "Stories with Holes" with your class! I love that they have already gone through one book and are on to a second book!  -Candace

Second Grade- Thank you for being so flexible and letting me pull some of your gifted friends from different classes so I can have them all at one time for a book group! –Candace

Lauren- I had so much fun working with your two friends on adding details to their writing! Thank you for inviting me in to work with them!  -Candace

Kinder and First- Thank you for working so hard on GT screening. I know it can be a lot of work and I appreciate all your help and feedback on our learners. As well as your flexibility.

Patrick, Casey, Courtney, Laura, and Angie- Thank you for working with me to get this ed grant together! We make an awesome team!

Tina! Thank you for dropping what you were doing to come answer our endless BlueBonnet questions!! My kids are so excited and feel so special that you came to answer their many, many questions! Ashlin

Rachel Lim I am constantly amazed by your growth mindset. Keep up the good work! Kristan

Marie - Thank you for letting me work with your precious learners. They make my heart happy. Kristan

Renee, Kasey, Casey, Meredith and Rachel - Your presentation was terrific. Thank you for being willing to share. Kristan

Mary - You truly are the dyslexia queen. I learned so much from your presentation. Kristan

Kelly Spears - I am constantly amazed at how skilled you are at your craft. You seem to always know what to say to learners and educators. Kristan
Kindergarten Team! Thank you for helping me to understand that I am not insane and not terrible at my job. Seriously. You ladies rule.   – Mike

Logan and Katie, thank you so much for making this 1st 9 weeks such an easy transition for our shared learner! I appreciate you guys! Dianne J.

Huge shout out to the 5th grade team...thank you for always having our shared learners best interest at heart! I appreciate your time and effort you invest daily! Thank you! Dianne J.

Laura, Sherri and Sue..thanks for putting up with me! Also, thanks for the help you provide to my "friends" daily and sometimes hourly! I don't know what I would do without you guys! Dianne J.

Lori, Marie, and Kelly - Thank you for making me happy every day!!! I treasure your friendships!!!!

Mary, Thank you for taking the time to inform us about learners with dyslexia! I love how passionate you are about what you do. :)

Lauren, Catherine, Kristan - Thank you so much for all the single place value manipulatives. I love working at a school where everyone is so willing to help! Thank you Lisa H, Jenna, and Renee for also offering your manipulatives! I have lots of singles now!!! THANK YOU!!!! Lorri B.

Lisa H.- Thank you Lisa for taking your time out of your busy day to help me with moving pictures onto my google drive! You are the best!! Now I have lots of room in my "h" drive! LOL!! Lorri B.

Tina- Thank you for introducing me to "Flip Grids". So excited to use this app for Global Read Aloud. You are always so helpful with technology. Thank you very much! Lorri B.

Courtney- 1A & 1B had so much fun with the ozobots. Thank you so much for sharing with us! We really enjoyed learning how to code the super cute ozobots!  Lorri B.

Kristan,  Thanks for getting our team lunch during our conference day! You rock! -5th grade

Annelise, thanks for all your help with at risk!! You saved me hours! Love, Kelly

Kelly Spears, Thank you so much for presenting at our evening PTO meeting this week!  I appreciate you taking the time to help our parents know and understand our focus on social emotional needs!  -Angie

Annelise,  Thank you so much for coming to the PTO meeting this week and for being such a wonderful thinking partner!  Love hearing your insight and so glad to have you at TCE! - Angie

K-5 Educators, thank you so much for all of your many hours that you have spent meeting with our families to discuss strengths and areas of growth for our learners!  I know how exhausting it can be meeting so many times and just know your efforts are truly appreciated!  - Angie

Thank you to Mary and our 5th grade educators for sharing at our faculty meeting!  I appreciate your dedication to helping all of our staff to grow together in our learning of new concepts and ways we can help our learners!  - Angie

Lori Vincenzo and Kristan Hruby, thank you for serving as our TCE reps on the superintendent's advisory committee again this year! I know another meeting can sometimes be the last thing you want to do, so know we appreciate your dedication to helping our school and the district! - Angie

October Birthdays
Patrick Miller - 1st
Jenna Taylor - 25th

Curriculum Connection 
Don't forget about these wonderful courses/resources that have been shared by Mary and Lisa.  You don't have to work through everything if you don't need flex, but should join in order to benefit by accessing the resources!

Schoology Course: Dyslexia Training and Resources: For Classroom Educator
Access Code: JBSVB-5D89J

Final Quotes for the Week