Sunday, February 18, 2018

Choice. . .and Gratitude

These two quotes spoke to me, as I was searching for some way in which to reflect on the recent, tragic event in Florida.  It is such a difficult time in our world and everyone is searching for solutions, but it often comes out in anger and frustration, which honestly we already have enough each day just by listening to the news, social media, etc.  

While, I don't have the answer for how an act like this could have been prevented, I decided that I do have a choice in where I go from here.    

A choice in how I approach each day in my life, a choice for feeling gratitude and appreciation of others, a choice to try to make a difference, a choice to make connections with others and let them know they are valued in a world that at times doesn't stop to appreciate differences. . .A choice to be a better listener, a friend and loved one to those I interact with each day.   

So, I choose to pray for those kids, families and staff members as they go through the pain, loss, fear and frustration and their next steps as they begin the slow healing process of what has happened to them. I choose to learn from this event like many before to try to find better ways for us to connect with our kids each day.  

While we have so much happening in our world and the busy times with our work life and personal lives continue to become more and more. . .please remember that we all chose to be in education.  We chose this profession and it is so much more than a job.  You each have the wonderful opportunity to come into contact with so many people each day and your words and actions make such a difference. . .

  Take care of one another and make sure that each and every one of your kids you interact with each day knows they matter.  Help them to understand their purpose and importance in the world and how they can build and sustain healthy relationships.  Acknowledge their needs and help them to become better academically and socially. . .but most of all love them for who they are as individuals.

Thank you for all you do and while we can't have a solution for everything that happens in the world, we can certainly try our best to make a difference each day by what we do for kids.  

Week of:  February 19th-23rd, 2018

Monday- Jeans and nice shirt!
Professional Learning Day 8:00am-3:30pm

Tuesday - TELPAS Calibration Make-Up Session - 3:15

Wednesday - Jeans Day - Any shirt!
K and 1st STEM Planning - Kristan's Room (sweats for teams and coaches)
Vertical Meeting - 3:15 - Library 

Thursday - Jeans - TCE shirt (whichever one)
GTC Meeting - Candace's Room - 3:15
Engineering Extravaganza Night - 5:00-7:00pm

Friday - Jeans or Sweats - Any shirt
Texan Town
Jump Rope for Heart - Specials Times
Catapult Challenge in Library
RTI Meetings - Kelly's Room

Important Reminders
CISD Professional Learning Day - Feb. 19th
Don't forget to check out the schedule sent out last week in the blog for where to go on Monday.  It looks like we will get out about 11:00am from our morning groups, so for those of you who are supposed to be back on campus in the afternoon, please be back around 12:30 and we will start in the library by 12:45.  

Reminder:  Final Product for Cultural Plunge 
A short presentation using some kind of technology to share out your experience (individual or with partner).  Could be something where you use pictures, quotes, expressions, thoughts, etc.  You may be creative in how you share out!  

"Who made you happy this week?"
Shout Out Your Happiness!
Kristan-- thank you so much for helping when my little one was sick!!! You are the best !!!! Love Beth

Candace and Tina,
Thank you for organizing the Olympics activities in the library! Our learners really enjoyed it!

Thank you for helping and encouraging me for TELPAS! You are the best!

Tina and Candace,
Thank you for hosting the 2018 TCE Winer Olympics! Our kiddos loved it!

Thank you to Mary and Kelly for offering me advice and support as I tackle the innovation station!!! Laura

Julie, thank you for doing my morning duty when I was out of town! You are the absolute best!!!! I love you!!! Lori

Ashlin-thanks for putting in our Winter Games Schoology items to complete this week’s unit. This STEM project will make these cold weather days warmer with a smile!

Catherine-you are a technology wizard! You are so giving of your time and willing to help at a moments notice. Thanks for all you do each day!!

Thank you, Tina and Candace, for bringing the Winter Olympics to our learners in such a creative and exciting way. They absolutely loved it!

Thank you to Laura who is doing so much to organize the Innovation Station, as well as who went out and bought the goodies for the Spuds of Love luncheon and washed and wrapped the potatoes!  We appreciate you!!!  - Angie

Thank you Annelise and the office staff for holding down the fort again this Friday when I had to be out for my aunt’s funeral.  I appreciate all of you so much!   - Angie

Laura, you are simply wonderful! Thank you so much for all of your help with setting up subs for me over the last few weeks!

Beth, Erin, Katie and Logan----Thank you so much for all of your help over these past few weeks! You ladies have helped keep my class running smooth even when I've had to be out. I am so blessed to be apart of such an amazing team!

Meredith - Thank you so much for planning such a fun outing! I had the best time bowling! Kate

February Birthdays
Star Primera – 2nd
Julie Fidler – 7th
Ashlin Bowman – 10th          
Heather Judd   - 16th
Rachel Lim – 17th
Anne Lawler – 23rd

Curriculum Connection Professional Learning Network
  How Twitter (hashtags, Twitter chats and more) can enhance our Professional Learning Community

Our wonderful DLC, Brooke,  will be presenting at our vertical meeting this week some great tools for how we can use Twitter as educators to help with connecting and expanding our professional learning networks.  

See the links below for a few more examples of individuals/organzations you may be interested in following to further your professional learning journey with the use of Twitter.


Click here: Hashtags for Education

Click here: More Educational Hashtags

Twitter chats

Making Tweets even more Fun and Innovative
Some Fun Tools to Create when using Twitter Posts, Social Media, etc. to share about learning!
Adobe Spark

Final Quotes