Sunday, May 20, 2018

9 More Days. . .

Only 9 more days, we've got this!!  
Thought the pic above says it all!  :)

Week of:  May 21st-25th, 2018

Monday- Jeans Day - Any shirt
3rd Grade Field Trip
SBDM Meeting - 3:15 - Kristan's Room

Tuesday - Jeans Day - Any shirt
Author Visit - 1:15-2:00 (K-2), 2:05-2:50 (3-5)- Cafeteria

Wednesday - Jeans Day - Any Shirt
Tonal Texans NRH2O

Thursday - Jeans Day or Shorts! (appropriate length)
4th Grade Field Trip
Talent Show - K-2 and 5th

Friday - Jeans Day or Shorts!  (appropriate length)
Talent Show - 3-4 and 5th
CISD Night at the Ballpark

Important Reminders
Apple Tour this Week - Tuesday, May 22nd
This tour is a group from Apple as a follow up from our Apple Distinguished School application this year.  Thank you so  much to everyone for being willing to offer up this tour during the end of the school year!  I really am wanting our campus to have this possible distinction, especially with the huge focus on technologies in learning over the last seven years!  They are wanting to see the learning in action as well as the info from our TCE ibook, to hopefully help them understand what specific tools we are using within instruction.   
Please remember that while the group is visiting specific classrooms, that we want to be showcasing digital learning in action throughout the building

End of the Year Check Out Sheets
Don't forget that you will have your checkout sheets to fill out before the end of the year.  If you have questions about anything end of year, please reach out to me or Annelise!

Grade Level and Team/Specials/Specialist Inventories 
Please remember that we all need to be making sure that we are getting our inventories ready to be turned in for the end of the year.  I had already talked with team leaders about this, but please make sure you are updating so we can make sure this is all good to go!

Final Spirit Rally - Last Day of School
TCE Lip Sync Battle
As we get ready for our final spirit rally of the year, and my final spirit rally as TCE principal. . .you know I can't leave without having one more Lip Sync Battle with our fun and fabulous staff! Please let me know your song choice as soon as you get one picked out! 

Save the Date!

"Who made you happy this week?"
Shout Out Your Happiness!

Erin, Ashlin, Morgan, Meredith, Candace, and Lisa--Thank you so much for helping with the Bluebonnet Blowout party for our learners! They had a blast and I'm so thankful for your willingness to brave the heat for their reading celebration! --Tina

Grace--You did a FANTASTIC job on the 1st grade field day dance! Great job with the choreography and all the other wonderful things you have done for the 1st grade learners this year! Your warm heart and smile will be missed at TCE!

Lisa Hansen, Thank you so much for providing us with TWO yummy meals Friday! You take such good care of us! 5th grade team

Annelise and Kelly, We appreciate all you do for our learners. Thank you for your kindness, flexibility, and hard work! Renee and Meredith

Thank you Candace for being a good sport when I keep delivering box after box to your room! Laura

If you see Paula and Ron in the office please thank them! I have been working them hard this week! Laura

Meredith, thank you so much for helping with announcements when my kids had STAAR! You really saved the day! <3 Morgan

Lisa, Thank you so much for getting us breakfast and lunch on Friday! You are always so willing to help, and we appreciate you so much! Love, 5th Grade

Grace- you are AMAZING!!! The 1st grade dance was super cute!! Thank you for teaching us how to do the “Floss” - lol!! We are going to miss you! Good luck with 2nd Grade (Prosper) I know you will be a wonderful teacher! Love you, Lorri, Lauren, Courtney, Kim

Catherine, Thank you for letting my learner spend part of field day with you while we were at the pool! You are the BEST! Casey

Laura, Thank you for getting the buses for our field trip ready!! Casey

Beth Reynolds - Thank you so much for being our buddy on Field Day! We appreciate you picking up our lunches, taking care of our snacks, and helping us with our kids! Your the best!! We love ❤️ how much you care about our kiddos !! Thank you! Lorri, Lauren, Kim, Courtney

Kelly Spears, Thank you for all that you did to help make our last round of STAAR run as smoothly as possible. We are SO going to miss your organization and attention to detail next year! -Marly

Kristan, thank you for always being so flexible and willing to help in any way that you can! I appreciate you more than you know! Love, Jenna

Kelly Spears, Thank you for being the best listener, advice-giver, and STAAR coordinator ever! You help so many of my learners every day, and we appreciate you very much! Love, Jenna

Kristan and Candace thank you so much for helping me get a DBQ ready for my kids! They are having a blast! -Morgan

Thank you to everyone far making the 2nd round of STAAR testing a success!  I appreciate everyone always jumping in during this crazy time to ensure all of our learners are taken care of!  - Angie

Thank you to everyone for making field day such a success for our kiddos!  It was a hot one, but you all laughed, enjoyed the sunshine and made it a great day all around!  Thank you!  - Angie

June Birthdays

Schulyer Dix - 21st
Catherine Kim - 25th
Courtney Rice – 30th
Kate Seifert – 30th

July Birthdays
Erin Naughton - 10th
Heather Bass – 16th
Mary Kennington – 16th
Lauren Torti – 19th
Kasey Kemp – 24th
Tina Berumen – 29th

Final Quotes