Monday, January 15, 2018

Difficult times. . .power of positive thinking

Well, through the difficult times the power of positive thinking and prayer will get us through.  I truly appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers for my mom and for Annelise's husband, Matt, during their struggles over the last few days.  Also, Annelise and the boys got diagnosed with the flu, so keep the entire family in your prayers for fast healing!  We are going to be doing our best to ensure things keep going strong with everything at TCE, but please know we may have a few meetings, evals, etc. in which we need some flexibility or rescheduling.  We also have several of our assistant principals to help with any coverage as needed when we are out.  I never worry about our campus as our TCE family is so strong and everyone always steps up to help out during times of need.  Thank you again for your prayers and positive thoughts and please know how much we appreciate you!
It's gonna be a cold week, so make sure and see below for dress this week and CISD will keep us updated of weather conditions, etc.

Week of:  Jan. 15th-19th, 2018

Monday- Holiday

Tuesday - Jeans/Sweats (cold day)
DEIC Meeting for campus reps - 4:30 (Admin)

Wednesday - Jeans Day/Sweats (cold day) - Any Shirt
Vertical Meeting- 3:15   

Thursday - Jeans Day - Any Shirt
Kelly Out (Counselor Meeting - AM)
Meeting with K-5 teams (PLC's) - conference time
PTO Meeting - 6:00pm

Friday - Jeans Day - Any Shirt
Texan Town
Therapy dogs

Important Reminders
Reminder:  Final Product for Cultural Plunge 
A short presentation using some kind of technology to share out your experience (individual or with partner).  Could be something where you use pictures, quotes, expressions, thoughts, etc.  You may be creative in how you share out!  

We will start having presentations at our January TLC meeting.  

School Board Visit - Thursday,  January 25th
Just a quick reminder that our school board will be visiting soon to see some of the amazing learning happening at TCE.  They will be at our campus starting at 8:00am for about an hour, so if you have something special going on in your classroom that you would like to highlight, please let me know.  I am planning on our robotics team possibly sharing a bit in Candace's room and would love to highlight any other learning or units you may have going on in your classrooms!  This could also include anything happening with Tina in the library if you have coding/STEM or other stations happening that week.  

TCE Potluck -Monday,  January 22nd
Please sign up for this month's potluck!  What a great time for some soups and salads to help to New Year's resolution goals or just because who doesn't love a good bowl of soup when it is cold outside!  

"Who made you happy this week?"
Shout Out Your Happiness!
I love using the kids' new Spelling City accounts! I can see which words they missed on their pretests and their activity. Thank you to whomever did the work to get us those accounts! I'm sure it took time and effort, and the rest of us are benefiting from it! :) –Marly

Tina, Lisa, Kristan for being great coaches for Specials Planning Day last week! – mike

Thank you to my team for my yummy warm birthday cookies on Friday! I couldn't imagine doing everyday without ya –xo

Kristan-Thank you for your listening ears as I have picked your brain on different ideas for our learners lately. You are always so easy to talk to in a minutes notice. Thanks for all you do for all of us-Tracy

Laura and Sherri-Thanks for all the Science supplies you have ordered for third grade. It is always fun getting packages at your door like it's Christmas day!! You both are always so helpful and accommodating-going the extra mile. Thanks for all you do each and everyday.

Patrick and the bucket drummers! Thank you for my private showing of “The Buckets - They just appeared!” It made my day!!!! Laura

Thank you Julie for taking my morning duty when I was absent. Julie, you do so much for our team in so many ways that always brings a smile to my face. What would we do without you? We love you so much!!

Thank you Lorri for baking cookies for us every Friday. You make my heart happy with your generosity for others. ❤

Lisa Hansen, Thank you for covering my practice STAAR group while I attended a meeting. Appreciate you! –Mary

Kate and Lisa I don't say it enough! Thanks for all you do with robotics and thanks for covering when I was down with the flu.

Laura- thank you for getting my sick days in and making sure everything was squared away. Candace

Kristan thank you for switching place with me! I truly appreciate it!

Dianne-you have such a heart for your learners! Great to have you at TCE. Kristan

Annelise-Thank you for being such a great leader. I have learned so much this year! Kristan

TCE teachers-Thank you for being so involved in our PLC. Love spending time hearing about the great things you are doing in your classrooms. Kristan

January Birthdays
Tracy Gipson - 12th
Lisa Hansen - 18th
Lisa Laughlin - 21st
Kim Becker - 23rd
Erica Shelby - 30th

Curriculum Connection - PLN
As a part of our book study that aligns with how we are connecting with others in our learning, please see the following info from our DLC's. This is a great opportunity (not a have to), but allows you to choose various areas of interest and connect with others across the district. I signed up and remember you can be as involved as you want in the process, but it's all about connecting!

Are you ready to learn with the DLCs?

We are excited to see the number of responses coming through on our PLN sign-up! It’s not too late to join the fun! Keep reading to learn about our Personal Learning Networks and fill out the signup form!

We had a great time at our Digital Learning Party and Live Tweetup! Thank you to all who attended and/or participated in the Twitter Chat.

Were you unable to join us? Check out the chat questions here. How would you respond?

From now until to April of this year, you'll be able to learn with your PLN through a variety of modalities. Your PLN might choose to do a book study, participate in a Twitter chat, meet in person or virtually. The sky's the limit when it comes to meeting your digital learning goals!

Interested? (Of course you are!)

Fill out this form to join!

Once you fill out the formYou will receive an email from your PLN facilitator with next steps on beginning your PLN journey.

We are looking forward to learning with you!

The DLC Team
Final Quotes

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Off to a Fabulous Start of the Year!

Week of:  Jan. 8th-12th, 2018

Monday- Team Leader Meeting - 3:15 - Kristan's room

Tuesday - Angie Out (Principal Meeting - AM)
STEM Planning Day Specials (Music, PE and Art)

Wednesday - Jeans Day - Any Shirt
Faculty Meeting - 3:15 - Library  

Thursday - Kelly Out (Counselor Meeting - AM)
Kristen and Tina meeting with K-5 teams (PLC's) - conference time
PTO Meeting - 6:00pm

Friday - Annelise Out (RTI Meeting - AM)
Jeans Day
Texan Town 

Important Reminders
Faculty Meeting
If you would please bring your book What Connected Educators do Differently to our faculty meeting this week.  We will be doing a brief activity with our reading so far.  Then please go ahead and have the other half of the book read by Wednesday, March 7th.  

Cultural Plunges
Please remember to be conducting your cultural plunge if you haven't already done so.  Here is the reminder from earlier this year of details:
Also, please be thinking about a cultural plunge that you might do this year.  We will talk more to discuss ideas and possibilities, but here is the info to start brainstorming ideas.  
  • Any international student/adult organization
  • Different race or cultures church service or ceremony
  • A rally political, gay rights, women's rights, etc.
  • Organizations where people have disabilities or are elderly (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) 
  • Grocery stores or shopping areas where English is not the language spoken
  • Restaurant/marketplace of different culture, race, location in which you are the minority
  •  Community sponsored event or festival by an ethnic population
  • Interact with homeless (remain in safe location)
  • Any other ideas are welcome!  

 Goals for Cultural Plunge: 
1.  to have direct contact with people who are culturally different from oneself in a real-life setting which represents the target group
2.  to gain insights into circumstances and characteristics of the focal community
3.   to experience what it is to be very different from most of the people one is around
4.  to gain insight into one’s values, biases, and responses  to others

Remember that any cultural connection in which you are relating to your learners to help build stronger relationships is the key!

Final Product for Cultural Plunge: 
A short presentation using some kind of technology to share out your experience (individual or with partner).  Could be something where you use pictures, quotes, expressions, thoughts, etc.  You may be creative in how you share out!  

We will start having presentations at our January TLC meeting.  

"Who made you happy this week?"
Shout Out Your Happiness!

Kristan, Thank you for helping us with practice science STAAR testing! You are so flexible and always willing to help! -5th grade team 

Thank you Katie and Angie for helping me with Spelling City! I can’t wait to use it with my learners!! – Catherine

Warms my heart that our new learner has had a great start in 1st grade at TC due to a loving accepting team of teachers and learners!

Casey- THANK YOU for helping my kiddos with their new Texan Town clubs when their choices did not save the first time! You are fabulous!! -Heather J. 

Thank you so much Schuyler for taking care of things while I was out sick!  I can't say thank you enough!  Dianne

Laura, Thank you always taking care of me!  I truly appreciate your care and concern!  Thanks so much!  -Dianne J.

Lori, I am more amazed by you every day and I didn’t even know that was possible!!!  Thank you setting up all my RAZ Kids accounts and for being a wonderful friend !!!!

Marly, Heather, Morgan, and Kate- Thank you for making this week back so enjoyable! I love laughing with y’all! 

Kelly, thank you for always listening to our concerns and spending so much time with our kids! We are all so lucky to have you! Love, Jenna

Sue, Thank you for always being so willing to listen to my lungs, take my temperature, give me a hearing test, etc. I appreciate you!! Love, Jenna

Shout out to Kristan for preparing your resources and helping to present at our professional learning day on Tuesday!  Great job showcasing Guided Reading for the district and appreciate your efforts! - Angie

Thank you Casey Wagner for once again getting all of our Texan Town jobs/clubs worked out and ready to go!  We appreciate you!!  - Angie

Thank you Annelise for being an amazing leader and 504 coordinator!  You have been buried in paperwork with many upcoming meetings and please know we appreciate your diligence, efficiency and efforts in making sure everything is ready to help support our kiddos!  Thank you! - Angie

January Birthdays
Tracy Gipson - 12th
Lisa Hansen - 18th
Lisa Laughlin - 21st
Kim Becker - 23rd
Erica Shelby - 30th

Curriculum Connection
Thank you to everyone who posted on our relationship padlet.  I saw there are a few people who didn't get to add to the padlet from the December 1st assignment.  Please make sure you have added your thoughts and as a connection for this week, please go in and read the other padlet ideas from our staff!  There are some great relationship connections to help jump start our semester!  

Please post two things:  

1.  A way in which you have formed a stronger connection to your learners this year.  This could be a specific example or strategies utilized. 

2.  Link an article, video connection or individual/group on Twitter that you follow focusing on building stronger relationships with learners.  

Click here to add info to our padlet!

Final Quotes