Sunday, May 21, 2017

Gearing Up for Our Final Weeks!

We are nearly there everyone!  Keep holding strong and looking forward to a fabulous week!

Week of:  May 22nd-26th, 2017

Monday-  Jeans/Shorts - Any shirt
Angie and Brett Out (9:00am-4:00pm)

Tuesday - Jeans/Shorts - Any shirt
Angie Out (Admin. Bldg.)

Wednesday - Jeans/Shorts/Sweats - Any shirt
STEM Planning for 2017-2018- Team Leader (Kristan's room)

Thursday -  Jeans/Shorts - Any shirt
5th grade Talent Show (K, 1st, 2nd and 5th watching) - Cafeteria

Friday - Jeans/Shorts - Any shirt
5th grade Talent Show (3rd, 4th, and 5th watching)

Important Reminders

T-shirt Form
We are going to go ahead and order short sleeve t shirts for the beginning of the year.  However, due to budgeting (specifically on what we can purchase for educators) we need you to pitch in to buy your shirt.  I am looking at designs this week and talking with our team leaders for ideas.  We will get good quality and the cost will be $15.00 per shirt.  If we are able to get it cheaper, we will use any of the extra funds to purchase treats for professional learning during that first week back.  

If you could please give your money to Laura by the last day of school.   
Cash only please!!

Check Out Sheet and Inventories
Don't forget to start working on your check out sheet as we get closer to next week and let us know if you have any questions!  Also, team leaders make sure you have turned in your inventory lists to me (Google spreadsheets/docs are great).  Please make sure and include any new items we have added this year to our supplies/resources.

End of the Year Folder Pick-Up and Data Entry
Please remember that we will have all special ed, 504, ESL, folders to turn in at the end of the year.  More info will come soon on when and where to deliver these folders.  Make sure you have entered any data into Aware as needed for RTI as well as for the district.  If you have questions about any data entry, please touch base with your team leader or me/Brett in the office!    
From the Desk of BS….volume 34

Single Digits 

Monday: Garden Build 
Tuesday: Garden Build 
Thursday: Zoo Field Trip 

Friday: Field Day

We are down to single digits.  Keep plugging.


Shout Outs!
Lauren, Laura, Sherri and Sue, Thank y'all so much for helping get everything ready for the kindergarten field trip! We had such a fun time!!  Love, Katy

Kim, Thank you so much for making our cute sign for field day! It was darling!! Love, Katy, Lauren and Lorri

Brett, Lisa, and Beth, Thank you SO much for coming with us on our field trip to the zoo! We had a BLAST, and we really appreciate your help and support! -4th Grade

Kelly, Thank you for everything that you have done for us this year! You are always so kind with your time, and it doesn't go unnoticed! –Meredith

Marie-Thank you for helping me get through my morning!-Anne

Sherri-Thanks for the coverage so I could meet with a parent-Anne

Marly and Jenna-y'all are so supportive and helpful! We will survive the rest of this year! :) –Kylen

Becky-Thanks for letting me play piano for your class! Also, thank you for the newest edition to my classroom! Can't wait to use music in my lessons. You will be missed next year! –Kylen

Kelly, your social skills books and lesson were a hit in my classroom! Thanks for the great resources. –Kylen

Candace~ Thank you for letting me go with you to the Robotics competition last Saturday. It was so much fun!! I can't wait for more competitions next year!! -Leigh Ann

Tina~You Rock!!! –LAH

Kristan~ Thanks for being my team building partner for Impact. Feel the rhythm, Feel the rhyme, Get on up, It's bobsled time!! -Leigh Ann

Lori, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving up your conference time to help me scan my work samples . Time is precious these last days of school and once again , you were so willing to help me. You are so very kind, helpful, and encouraging! Love you Lori!

Marie, Lori and Kelly , Thank you for being such great teammates!!!! I love working with you and for being friends outside of school, too!!!! Love y'all!!!

Huge Thank You to all of our teachers for helping get library books turned in from your learners! It takes a village and your efforts are very much appreciated! Love, Tina

4th Grade Teachers - You are the best! Thank you for all of your help with the 4th Grade Recorder Concert. You endured the recorders for an entire year and you're still smiling! – Becky

Beth Dilley & Ashley Martin - Thank you for all of your help with preparing the 4th graders for their recorder concert (as painful as it was)! You're the best! –Becky

Angie - I enjoyed our lunch on Tuesday with the retirees. It was a pleasure to have some special time with you! I'm going to miss you! – Becky

Leigh Ann, Thank you for coming to help my kiddos with Bulb this week! I appreciate you. –Marly

Kelly Burks, Sherri Kingsley, & Sue Kane, Thank you for helping me with my most recent ailment. I appreciate you! –Marly

5th Grade, Kylen, and Kristan - Thank you for being helpful and flexible while I was gone on Friday morning. I appreciate your support while I balance my two loves - work and CASA. –Marly

Kristan, Thank you for helping cover 5C during field day!! We are so thankful for all that you do for us! – Jenna

Thank you Tina for spending the day with us at Field Day!! <3 – Catherine

Candace & Kristan, thank you guys for helping our learners get excited for the TCE garden and their butterfly garden - 2A & 2B appreciates y'all <3 – Catherine

Becky, thank you for another fabulous performance with our 4th graders!  Your happiness, positivity, laughter and love for music and our kiddos will be greatly missed next year!  Love you! – Angie

Shout out to everyone for a wonderful field day!  You all do such a great job of stepping up in whatever role is needed on days like these!  I appreciate you!  - Angie

Thank you to Brett, Candace, Kristan, Beth, Kelly and our parent volunteers for all your help with our garden build last week!  I appreciate your leadership and wiliness to help our garden to transform!! – Angie

Thank you to all of TCE for helping in the garden area in order to let our kiddos participate in the design, build and now planning for the future of our garden! 

Shout out to Courtney Rice that has done a fabulous job this year in working with Real School Gardens and helping to get our educators and learners excited about learning in the garden!

Shout out to Erin Naughton and Mary Kennington for helping to get our CISD kiddos at the ballpark ready to make their debut on the field!  It is so helpful to have extra hands on this day and you both were greatly appreciated!  - Angie

Thank you to Sherri, Marly and Laura for all of your help getting our TCE Senior Grad party set up and ready to go!  We had a wonderful turn out and look forward to continuing on with this fun tradition next year!  - Angie

June Birthdays
Catherine Kim - 25th
Courtney Rice - 30th
Kate Seifert - 30th

July Birthdays
Ashley Martin - 8th
Mary Kennington - 16th
Lauren Torti - 19th
Rosa Rodriguez - 23rd
Kasey Kemp - 24th
Katy McKinney - 26th
Tina Berumen - 29th

Final Quotes for the Week

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