Sunday, May 7, 2017

Round Two. . .Here We Go!

As we are ready to take on this week with our 2nd round of STAAR, remember to keep calm and actively monitor! 
Week of:  May 8th-12th, 2017

Monday-  Jeans Day (any shirt)
STAAR Testing - 3rd and 4th Math, 5th Re-test Math
No Specials Today
Lunch - Schlotzsky's in Lounge

Tuesday - Jeans Day (any shirt)
STAAR Testing - 3rd and 4th Reading, 5th Re-test Reading
No Specials Today
Lunch - Baked Potato Bar in Lounge

Wednesday - Jeans Day (any shirt)
STAAR Testing - 5th Science
Lunch - Dickey's BBQ in Lounge

Thursday -  Jeans Day/Sweats Day

Friday - Jeans Day/Sweats Day
Texan Town
Therapy Dogs
Mother's Day Marathon

Important Reminders
Recess Schedule/Specials
Please remember that we will not be having specials on Monday and Tuesday.  See below for the specials time on Wednesday.

Wednesday Only Specials!
9:30-10:30- 2nd
10:30-11:30- 3rd
1:00-2:00- Kinder
2:00-3:00 - 5th 

You may have recess outside by the cafeteria area, but remember that we are testing in the music room, so your learners MUST be quiet in the hallways at all times, including transitions. 

Recess Schedule for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 
Kinder- 12:30-1:00
1st- 11:30-12:00
2nd- 12:00-12:30
3rd- 1:30 (only if ALL 3rd graders are finished on Monday/Tuesday) 
4th- 2:00 (only if ALL 4th graders are finished on Monday/Tuesday) 
5th- 1:00-1:30 (only if ALL 5th graders are finished on Wednesday) 
Observation Activity
For our final vertical/tlc meetings, we will be discussing several things including goals for next year for the campus as well as next steps with instructional coaching and responsive teaching.  Please make sure that you have done your observation activity that I talked about earlier this year.  This is a time in which you go to a location (whatever location you like outside of our school building) and observe the environment, people and interactions around you.  This might be tone of voice, body language, sights, sounds, etc.  It only has to be a short collection of your thoughts about 20-30 minutes of your time.  You could write or type up your thoughts and we are going to do an activity discussing our observations.

Video Connections
If you didn't get the chance yet to watch the video connection about bias from last week and post on the padlet, please do so by this Wednesday for our faculty meeting.  Also, go back and check out any other padlet connections from earlier this year if you were not able to post.  We will be pulling them up and reflecting on each other's thoughts and ideas as we think about ideas for next year with cultural awareness, responsive teaching and building relationships with learners.  

Bias Video Connection:  Click here  for video!

Emotional First Aid:  Click here for the video link!

Innovator's Mindset Book Study Connection:  Click here for the link!

From the Desk of BS….volume 32

May the Month Be with You

We are in the homestretch.  Don’t blink.  Take care of yourself.  Make some memories. 

Please see the links below for some great ideas to get you through the next few weeks:

Less than 20 days left,


Shout Outs
Heather, Catherine, and Megan! THANK YOU for watching my kids when I had to take Finley to the doctor's office. I am SO thankful for y'all and for your help! Ashlin

Shout out to Kylen for all that you are doing to help our newest friend! I couldn't do it without you. –Marly

Katie - Thank you so much for watching my entire class Friday morning. You are always going above and beyond to help me out. I am so lucky to be able to share kids with you. Don't know what I'd do without ya!! Logan

What a year! Town Center had THIRTY TWO (yes you read that right) dyslexia referrals! There were 17 at my other campus (they were the 2nd highest in the district after US)!! Way to go TCE for breaking a record across the district for the highest referrals EVER! Woo hoo! Ya'll ROCK because they all met the criteria! What a blessing to these learners and their families!  -Mary

Kasey and Casey, thank you so much for always going above and beyond to help me be successful! I learn everyday from y'all!

Kristan and Tina, thank you for helping with tutoring all year long. I would not have been able to do it without you all! ~Rachel

Kristan, you are amazing. Thank you so much for pulling my learners in small group. They absolutely loved working with you! ~Rachel

Third grade teachers, I speak as a parent....THANK YOU for the calming and encouraging influence you all have been on our sweet 3rd graders for STAAR prep. I see the confidence not only in my 3rd grade dyslexics, but in my own son. It is CLEAR you have empowered them and prepared them extremely well! It makes a Momma's heart swell with appreciation for YOU! –Mary

Ashlin - Thank you so much for helping me create an invite for Muffins for Mom and coming down to my room to help me do it! You are wonderful! - Lauren

Kelly, thank you for all you have done getting us ready for the 2nd round of STAAR!  Between training, making sure we are good with accommodations and getting groups ready to go, you amaze all of us with your dedication and helpful spirit!  Thank you!!  - Angie

Lori Vincenzo, Marie Sork, Kelly Burks and Julie McCullough, thank you for all you did getting us ready for Kinder Round-up and for all you do for TCE!  

Thank you to everyone who helped out at our Kinder Round-Up:  Laura Fairchild, Savita Chandra, Sue Kane, Anne Lawler, Meredith Schaaf, Catherine Kim, Courtney Rice, Kate Seifert, Kimberly Becker, Kristan Hruby, Kasey Kemp, Julie McCullough, Marie Sork, Kelly Burks, Lorri Brehm, Katy McKinney, and Lauren Torti.  I appreciate all you did to help the event go smoothly for our future Texans!  - Angie

May Birthdays
Leigh Ann Howard - 5th
Logan Heath - 9th
Angie Brooks Applegate - 12th
Lori Vincenzo - 14th

Final Quotes for the Week
As we go through our final weeks of school. . .stay positive, rejuvenate yourself and keep on going strong!

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