Sunday, May 14, 2017

Three More Weeks. . .

With only a few weeks left, remember to keep holding strong with the amazing learning you are doing each day and stay consistent with expectations for your classroom, recess and around the school.  Now is the time our kiddos get really wiggly and excited, so keep them engaged and motivated with projects, design challenges, presentations, and hands-on activities!  Let the countdown begin!  

Week of:  May 15th-19th, 2017

Monday-  Sweats/Jeans (any shirt) - you may want to wear tennis shoes
Garden Build Day

Tuesday - 4th Grade Recorder Program - Gym 8:30 and 6:00pm
Sweats/Jeans Day (any shirt) - you may want to wear tennis shoes
Garden Build Day
Angie and Becky out Briefly - Retirement Luncheon - 11:00

Wednesday - Jeans Day (any shirt)
CISD Night at the Ballpark
TLC Meeting - 3:15 - Library (we will not be meeting on May 24th)

Thursday -  Jeans Day
TCE Senior Graduation Party - Library - 4:00

Friday - Shorts (TCE shirt)
Field Day

Important Reminders
Garden Rebuild
We will be starting our garden rebuild tomorrow.  We are going to use our student council as well as any 4th and 5th graders who we grab tomorrow for the demolition.  Any kiddos helping will need to wear tennis shoes during this part of the process.  Once we get the actual build going, we will pull more K-3rd graders to help.  You might want to bring your class out in the afternoon to do a walk by and see the process!

This is our first time doing a garden build during the day as a school, so please be patient and flexible with the process as we are trying to see what all can be done and we will keep you updated as we go!  

Observation Activity
For our final vertical/tlc meeting, we will be discussing several things including goals for next year for the campus as well as next steps with instructional coaching and responsive teaching.  Please make sure that you have done your observation activity that I talked about earlier this year.  This is a time in which you go to a location (whatever location you like outside of our school building) and observe the environment, people and interactions around you.  This might be tone of voice, body language, sights, sounds, etc.  It only has to be a short collection of your thoughts about 20-30 minutes of your time.  You could write or type up your thoughts and we are going to do an activity discussing our observations.

Video Connections
If you didn't get the chance yet to watch the video connection about bias from last week and post on the padlet, please do so by this Wednesday for our faculty meeting.  Also, go back and check out any other padlet connections from earlier this year if you were not able to post.  We will be pulling them up and reflecting on each other's thoughts and ideas as we think about ideas for next year with cultural awareness, responsive teaching and building relationships with learners.  

Bias Video Connection:  Click here  for video!

Emotional First Aid:  Click here for the video link!

Innovator's Mindset Book Study Connection:  Click here for the link!

Field Day
Remember with field day coming up to make sure all of your kiddos have paid that need to as well as please make sure they are bringing their own water bottles, towels and sunscreen for the day!  Specials/specialists - I will be touching base with you tomorrow on which grade level you will be with during the event!  Everyone may wear Nike/workout shorts, just please make sure they are not too short.  

From the Desk of BS….volume 33

Thank you to our student guest blogger this week, what a risk taker.  Always remember, you are making an impact.
The Honest Truth
Sometimes, it feels like all our students want to do is talk, talk, talk. Disobey, disobey, disobey. Disrespect, disrespect, disrespect. Which sometimes, our learners can get out of hand. I get it. You have one of the hardest jobs in the world. But, deep inside, your learners love you. I know you’re thinking, “Oh really?” Have YOU been inside my classroom?” But little do you know, your kiddos love you, very much. Maybe they used to struggle in a specific subject but now they don’t, all because of you. You feel like they take it for granted. They don’t. Oh, my goodness. I just wish you all knew how much your kiddos love you. They may disrespect you, other students, or maybe even their parents, but you have shaped them up to be the fantastic child (or adult) that they are inside or academically. You have changed lives. Maybe not yet, but you will. If you are a teacher, you are extremely gifted because, not everybody in this world necessarily has the patience, energy, or kindness to teach 20+ kids a day, for 7 hours. I call that talent. Who else could patiently repeat the same instructions, over and over and over? Who else could show kindness to the child who people think doesn’t deserve any? You. Because you’re a teacher. Teachers have changed this world emotionally and academically. Most teachers think that they haven’t done anything special. You feel like you’ve done nothing as a teacher. Well, you have. All the little things you do lead up to something big. Your kiddos love you so much. I know I sound like a broken record, but they truly do adore you. YOU ARE LOVED BY SO MANY KIDS. Just smile and remember why you wanted to teach. You mean so much to many, many kids. But you probably want to hear that from your own kiddos. Well, guess what? You just did.

Love and thanks,
One of your kiddos


Squeeze them extra hard for the next few weeks,


Shout Outs!
Counselor Kelly, Thank you for your very detailed and diligent work with testing! And you still manage to see kiddos, meet their needs, and do it with a smile! BS

Sue, Thank you for all of your work with our kiddos at sky ranch! We couldn't do it without you! BS

Kylen and Anne, Thank you for the support you gave us at Sky Ranch! It was wonderful to have you their working with not only your learners but other fifth graders as well! BS

5th grade team, Thank you for organizing a great trip to Sky Ranch last week! Such a blast! BS

Courtney! Thank you for sharing your tulle and saving the day!! I don't know what I'd do without you :) Ashlin

Marly, Thank you for always being there and willing to help however you can! Love and appreciate you more than you know! –Jenna

Courtney, Katie, Erin, Beth thank y'all for being so supportive and so willing to help whenever I need it! So grateful for you guys! – Logan

Katy and Lorri - Thank you both so much for everything this week! From holding down the fort while we helped with STAAR, to the muffins for mom videos, and going shopping for the muffins, you did it all!! You guys are truly the best! Thank you for making this week go smoothly and wonderfully for all of us! Love, Lauren and Kim

Leigh Ann--I have had so much fun working alongside you this year! Thank you so much for being such a great friend and for all that you do for TCE! ❤ Tina

Mary--HAPPY GRADUATION! We are so incredibly happy for you! Your love of learning and teaching shines through each and every day! We are so lucky to have you as our lead! Love your Specialist/Specials Team

Casey and Rachel,   Thank you so much for helping out with my end of the year assessments. I could not do it without you both!   -Kasey

Angie, Brett & Kelly--Thank you so much for all the sweet treats and keeping everything so organized for us during testing! Gary would be so proud! We appreciate all that you do for us! –Tina

Kasey - A HUGE thank you to you and your dad for helping us with the chicks! You are awesome! Kelly & Marie

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my entire team for being so gracious and letting me split up my kiddos this week so I could attend Muffins for Moms - twice. You guys are the best! -Erin
Logan! Thank you for showing me that Google doc. You are such a great teacher and teammate. :) –Erin

Kindergarten- Thank you all for making "Muffins for Mom" a great experience for our Kinder Moms. They enjoyed all the activities! Thank you Katy for your expertise with the Mother's Day Video! It was so cute! Thank you all for your help! Lorri B.

Meredith, Thank you for letting my learners join your class when I had to take a parent phone call! You are the BEST! Casey

Kasey and Rachel,  Thank you for dismissing my learners so I could get my own kiddo to the doctor!  Casey

Julie, Lori, Kim, Kelly, and Lisa thank you so much for helping to test of our sweet 3rd grade babes!! I know they felt so encouraged and confident by being with all of you! And it gave us peace of mind that our friends were with such caring educators! Love y'all! <3 3rd grade

Angie- thank you so much for all of the yummy breakfasts and lunches this week!! That was such a wonderful treat to look forward to during all of our active monitoring ;) We love you!! <3 3rd Grade

All TCE Staff,   Thank you for all of the support during our last round of STAAR testing. It truly is an effort from everyone on campus!   BS

AA,  The food during testing days was wonderful! I thank you but my waistline doesn't!  BS

Sue, Kylen, Anne, Kelly, Jenna, Marly, Kate, Morgan,   I have put this shout in the past two weeks but for some reason it has not made the list! Thank you for a wonderful Sky Ranch trip. It's such a memorable trip for our fifth graders and your support is key to making sure it all goes as planned!   BS

After school tutors,   Thank you to anyone this year that has spent time with a learners after school, providing intervention where needed! It's so great to see all of the support across all grade levels!   BS

Kylen, thanks for always doing everything you can to help with our learners! They LOVE you! We are so lucky to have you here at TCE.

Kristan, Thank you for always being so willing to offer to help... with sweet kids that just need a friend, planning, CHAT things. You're a blessing to us! –Marly

Lisa,  Thank you for everything you do! You are always willing to help whenever it is needed and it doesn't go unnoticed! I appreciate you so much!  -Morgan

Thank you so much to all of you that helped with small group testing for our 5th graders. We know it takes time and effort for you to be away from your jobs and be with our kids. We appreciate you! -5th Grade

Kelly! STAAR is over! You are an organizational mastermind, and you made testing as easy as possible for us. Thank you for all of the time you spent preparing for testing! -Marly

TCE Family, Thank you so much for making me feel so loved on my bday last week!  I truly appreciate the hugs, laughter and joy the day brought me! Couldn't ask to celebrate at a better place!  Much love to you all!  - Angie

May Birthdays
Leigh Ann Howard - 5th
Logan Heath - 9th
Angie Brooks Applegate - 12th
Lori Vincenzo - 14th

Final Quotes for the Week
As we go through the next three weeks, remember to go into each day with determination and excitement.  We only have a few more moments this year to make an impact on our learners so make each day count!  

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