Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Professional Learning!

I hope you are starting off with a fabulous summer vacation!  I have already seen many of you (here at school), so I know some of you have yet to have much fun!  But, there are many more days ahead. . .

Important Reminders
I wanted to send out a few reminders about professional learning opportunities for this summer.  Please remember that you will need at least 18 flex hours (these must be professional learning) for the 2017-2018 school year.  There are truly several great options for learning this summer, so take advantage of these free learning opportunities!

Also, I have one area in particular below that I am needing everyone to complete this summer
by July 1st. 

We are applying to become an Apple Distinguished School for this next year and we need to have everyone become an Apple Teacher as a part of this process.  (See below the link to click on - Apple Teacher Challenge)

This would be an exceptional honor for our campus and since we have such a strong background with what we have done with lesson design and technologies!!

Click here to go to Thinglink and see the offerings,  the Apple Teacher Challenge is the one that I need you to please complete! (you will receive flex hours )

Professional Learning and UbD
I wanted to make sure you all knew about some amazing learning (provided by some of our very own TCE educators) that will be happening as well this summer.  These would be wonderful if you can attend as they help to support our continuing needs for UbD at TCE!  It is also a great way in which our campus can stay aligned with planning!

If you aren't sure which you need to sign up for, then you can take the survey on Eduphoria where the courses are listed to see which might be the best fit for you!   

UbD Introductory - 2 days - June 12th and 13th
UbD Intermediate - 2 days - 14th and 15th

or you could attend if you like. . .

UbD Introductory - 2 days - July 10th and 11th
UbD Intermediate - 2 days - July 12th and 13th

Final Bit of Info for Summer
Don't forget to put on your calendar our August dates for training.  These dates are August 8th and 9th and
 will count for 12 flex hours.  We will be focusing on 
Day 1:  Schoology, Technologies and Digital Portfolios 
Day 2:  Break Out Sessions (formative assessments, guided reading/writing, and hands-on learning science/social studies)

I will also work to ensure we are covered for our updated GT 6 hours with our book studies and parts of our Aug. 8th and 9th dates.  However, there are also professional learning opportunities for updating your GT hours within Eduphoria with several of the trainings that I did not list here. 

No more announcements for now. . .enjoy some learning and also kick back and have some fun too! 

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