Monday, October 6, 2014

Keep On Keepin' On!

I know it is officially that time of year when we are literally pushed to our limit!  Please know that each and every one of you are absolutely fabulous and I promise we are about to be over the BIG hump for this fall after our parent conferences wrap up this week!  I have been so impressed with the level of lesson design and assessments in learning happening so far this year and your hard work and dedication to our campus and kiddos is beyond AMAZING!!!! 

Upcoming Weekly Events
for October 2nd-October 10th
Monday- Stomp out bullying day!  (Wear jeans and blue)
2nd Grade STEM day

3rd Grade STEM day

WednesdayBrett Out all day
4th Grade STEM day
Vertical Team Meeting (everyone together) - Library

Thursday-5th Grade STEM day
Friday- Parent Conference Day

Announcement Weekly Info
Life Principle:  Responsibility

Cowboy Courtesy:   Enter a public building quietly

ABC of Etiquette: Do not slurp or blow bubbles in your drink.

Important Reminders and Updates
 In case you didn't remember, we have a holiday on 
Monday. . .and that is about all we need to 
be reminded of right now!!
Shout Outs! 
Kinder and 1st grade teams for their great job planning for STEM planning!

Becky Garrett, Laci Garza, Brad Cook, Candace Coffee and Ashley Minton for all of their help during the STEM planning days!
Everyone that was able to help out during our Technology Showcase Night!  There was such wonderful parent feedback from the evening!  
Everyone for participating in the potluck on Monday!  It is so nice to celebrate with everyone while tasting so many yummy treats!  Thank you for taking the extra effort to participate in these TCE family fun days!
  Final Quotes
I thought we might need a few laughs this week, so these were a few quotes and pics that made me smile!


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