Sunday, October 19, 2014

Smile. . .It's Fall!

It is definitely a beautiful day and starting to really seem like fall!  Hopefully all of you are able to enjoy this beautiful weather and are taking time to enjoy some of those fun fall activities like football games, visiting pumpkin patches and attending the festivals!  

This week is going to be another great week of learning! Don't forget about the importance of focusing on modeling with your kiddos and using anchor chart ideas to help during and after instruction!  

Here is what we have happening so far this week:

Upcoming Weekly Events 
October 20th-24th 

Monday- 2nd Grade Assessment Planning 1/2 Day - Lit. Library
Team Leader Meeting 3:15 - C106

Tuesday- PTO Grant Committee Meeting - 8:15

Fire/Shelter Drill - 1:15pm
1st and 2nd Year Teachers (GYEP) - 3:15pm - Jennifer M.'s room
Dyslexia Parent Meeting - Library 5:30pm

Crucial Conversations - 8:00am- Candace's room

Kinder, 1st and 2nd - Fire Department - 9:00am - Cafeteria
CoGat Testing 3rd and 5th Grade

Thursday-Crucial Conversations - 8:00am- Candace's room
CoGat Testing 3rd and 5th Grade
Friday- End of 1st 9 Weeks 

Spirit Rally (2nd grade performs) 8:20am - Gym
CoGat Testing 3rd and 5th Grade

Announcement Weekly Info  

Life Principle:  Humility 
Cowboy Courtesy:  If someone in the class wins a game or does something well, congratulate them. If you win or do well at something, do not brag. If you lose, do not show anger.
ABC of Etiquette:  If you drop your fork, napkin, or anything else on the floor, pick it up before leaving the cafeteria.

Important Reminders and Updates
Tutoring info
3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers, KaTrina, Mary and Cathy:  Please make sure and check with me this week to make sure you know how to fill out your extra duty pay sheet.  
Also, you will need to turn in a separate sheet this year briefly stating who was in attendance during tutoring for each session (sign-in sheet) and a brief description of specific skills the learners were working on during the session.  
Ex:  istation, Reflex math, multi-step problem solving, reading inferences/analyzing text, etc.  
Spirit Rally 
Please let me know by Wednesday of this week if you have anything you need to announce for Spirit Rally this Friday.  This might include anything your Texan Town jobs/clubs need to announce or any other special thing going on with your grade level! 
Red Ribbon Week will be coming up next week as well as our TCE PotLuck will be next Monday, October 27th! 
October Birthdays 

Gloria Yates - 8th
Jenna Taylor - 25th

Engineer of the Week 

Please remember that Brett or I will cover a morning/afternoon or lunch/recess duty for you during the week!  Just email us to let us know what might work out!  Also, you may leave early one day once your kiddos are dismissed!

This week we are celebrating:  Katie Tonemah

Marly purchased a new book the other day that you may want to check out!  I saw it in her room and it had some excellent resources for Kinder-5th grade for making connections with poetry and science.  The book is entitled:
  The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science (Teacher's Edition): Poems for the School Year Integrating Science, Reading...
Here are a few pages. . .

Shout Outs!
Shout out to our Kinder and 1st grade team for their hard work during their data assessment days!  

Shout out to Alicia for swinging by to let us see her and Libby!  It was so nice to see them both as well as meet Alicia's mom! 

Shout out to Brad for getting our App Smash board up while Alicia is out!  

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