Sunday, September 28, 2014

Awesome 20 Year Celebration!

Thank you so much to everyone that was able to attend the 20 Year Celebration for TCE on Friday!  It was truly a wonderful time to celebrate with current and past educators and all of our families!  Hopefully you got to enjoy a few tunes and some good eats with the food trucks!  

Here is a pic of some of our peeps!  

Also, we couldn't be more excited for Alicia and the wonderful new addition to her family, Libby!  

We will have another pretty busy week, so let's see what is coming up in our events: 
Upcoming Weekly Events
for Sept. 29th-October 3rd

Monday- Educator Goal Setting (Angie's Office)
TCE Football Potluck - Wear jeans and favorite team shirt!
Site-Based Team Meeting - 3:15 (C106)

Tuesday- Educator Goal Setting (Angie's Office)

Brief Meeting- Dr. Waldrip and review for Tech. Showcase Night 3:15 (Library) - Wear jeans and grey TCE shirt!
Technology Showcase Night - 5:30-7:00pm

Wednesday- Faculty Meeting 3:15 (Library)
Kinder, Becky STEM Planning Day (Literacy Library)

Thursday- Educator Goal Setting Meetings (Angie's Office)
1st grade, Laci STEM Planning Day (Literacy Library)
Friday- Texan Town - 7:55am
RTI/PST Meeting (A and B sections unless mixed differently on team) - All Day (C106) - check w/Brett if you have questions

Announcement Weekly Info
Life Principle: Courage

Cowboy Courtesy:   Always be honest.

ABC of Etiquette: Do not talk with your mouth full.

Important Reminders and Updates

Child Abuse Training
 Make sure you read the email from Kelly about Child Abuse training and complete those modules by this Tuesday, September 30th!

Technology Showcase Night
Make sure that you have whatever technology tools you need for this evening.  Remember this is a night that we may need to share some equipment, so please borrow what you need from various grade levels and then make sure and get it back to them at the end of the evening!   

Parent Teacher Conferences 
Remember that our parent teacher conferences will be on Friday, October 10th.  2nd-5th grade will be learner-led. Please make sure your learners (2nd-5th) or you (K-1) are prepared to share goals (trying to focus on both academic and social).  We will be talking more at our faculty meeting this week about some strategies and ideas for parent conferences. 

Shout Outs!
  • Becky Garrett for all of your help getting our sound equipment set up and for helping with clean up at our event on Friday!  Also, for getting our flash mob up and going! 
  • Marnie Cranmer for always willing to lend a hand for any event and for dressing up "Bacon" style for our kiddos!  They all loved to see you!!
  • Brett Shelby for all of your help with our event on Friday and for showing off your dancing moves with the kiddos!  Greatness is all I can say!!
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teams for the hard work on your assessments days as you not only analyzed, but made plans to truly understand your kiddos and their stories!
  • Jennifer Martin, Ashley Minton, Kasey Kemp, Casey Wagner, Kristan Hruby, and Marly Natherson for all of your help during vertical team with sharing info!
  •  For everyone using Twitter to help communicate what is going on at TCE!  There have been some incredible posts!  Thank you! 
  Final Quote
As we get ready to start brainstorming and collaborating during our STEM planning days, I thought this quote was appropriate: 

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