Sunday, September 14, 2014

Feeling Like Fall!

 I hope everyone is LOVING this fabulous fall weather!  Hopefully it will stick around, because it makes me ready to start cooking up some yummy soups and pumpkin treats!  

I wanted to let you know that I will be out three days this week, as I have been invited to attend a conference in California with a few other district members.  It is in Cupertino and we are going to be working with Apple and iTunes University, etc.  Hoping to come away with some great ideas for future possibilities with our learning at TCE!  I will be out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but will have access to email and texts.  Brett is also going to be out this week on Tuesday and Wednesday due to two administrator trainings.  (nothing like having both administrators off campus!)  As you know, we try to avoid this if at all possible and our wonderful Linda Cook as well as our glorious Kelly Spears will be your go to people for any needs on these two days!

Since Brett and I will both be out this week on Wednesday, we are cancelling our Vertical meeting and moving it to next week!

Upcoming Weekly Events 
for Sept. 15th-19th

Monday- Fire Drill and Lock Down Drill @ 8:15

                    Celebrate Alicia and Baby Libby @ 3:15

Tuesday- Angie Out and Brett Out

Wednesday- Angie Out and Brett Out
                           No Vertical Meeting 
Thursday- Angie Out

Friday- Therapy Dogs Library

Announcement Weekly Info

Life Principle:  Curiosity

Cowboy Courtesy:  Make eye contact.

ABC of Etiquette:  Do not smack your lips or chew noisily.

Important Reminders and Updates
Child Abuse Training  
 Make sure you read the email from Kelly about Child Abuse training and complete those modules by Tuesday, September 30th!

Digital Literacy Course 
Please make sure that you are staying on track with finishing this course up soon and making sure to touch base with Brad or Alicia if you need any support! 

Educator Goal Setting
Remember that your goals need to be entered into Appraise by Wednesday, September 24th.  Brett and I will have a letter for you this week that shows who your evaluator will be this year as well as the windows for observations.  If you would like to discuss your goals before entering it or if you have any questions at all, please let us know and we would be happy to visit with you! 

CISD Education Foundation
 Our wonderful CISD Education Foundation is once again selling t-shirts this year to help support our learners and educators!  Please see the following flyer for info about purchasing a shirt.  Marnie will be collecting the funds for the shirts.  Also, we are doing a promotion again this year for the shirt!  If you purchase a CISD Education Foundation Red and Black Backer shirt, you may have 6 jeans passes!!  That's right folks 6 jeans day passes!  These can be used during the months of September and October!  
So, if you bring in money tomorrow, you could use that as one of your days! 

Technology Showcase Night
 Please be thinking of how you can help to participate this year with our evening for our parents and which of your kiddos might be good to help work with you.  Remember that the purpose of this evening is to show how we are using technology tools and technology integration in our learning!  This is also a great time for us to do this as our Write A Check donations are being gathered for possible funding with the CISD Matching Funds.  
 Since we are planning on having the movie in the gym, we are hoping to have even more parent participation.  So, this means we may need more sessions than usual.  I will have a sign up on the board by the elevator for this week, so be thinking about how your team might have two teachers present on one topic and the other half of your team present something different.  This also includes any specials/ists teachers as well, or you can also sign up to help in the gym! 
Alicia 2nd

Sue 5th

Cindy 27th

Shout Outs!
  •   K-5 teachers getting MAP assessments going with your kiddos!

  •  Kelly Spears, Kim Becker, Lisa Hansen, Alicia Montgomery, KaTrina Brown and Mary Kennington for helping with MAP assessments!

 Final Quote

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