Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend and are having a little Halloween fun! I had decided to give you treats instead of tricks tomorrow, but my lovely allergies have turned into a possible cold over the weekend. . .so I haven't felt up to creating the special treats I wanted to make! (will have to save those for later)  

So, instead. . .I am opting with providing a lunch treat for y'all!  Be ready to enjoy pizza tomorrow for lunch along with wearing jeans or sweats!  Hopefully you can also find a crazy hat/headband to wear to help make our week start off fun for everyone!  

Week of:  Oct. 31st-Nov. 4th, 2016

Monday- Pizza Treat! Jeans/sweats (wear crazy hat/headband)

Tuesday -  Angie Out (AM)

Wednesday - Faculty Meeting - 3:15 - Library

Thursday - PTO Meeting 8:15
Kelly Out (all day)

Friday -   Jeans Day!
Texan Town
Pansy Planting - During Recess times
Kelly Out (all day)

Important Reminders
Pansy Planting
We will be planting pansies this Friday during our recess times!  There will be a few volunteers out to support, but please make sure and send at least one teacher out front and then one to the playground as we plant, so we can make sure everyone has the chance to plant a pansy.  They will be donated again this year, so everyone can plant!  

Possible Visitors for November
Our next days for possible visitors is next week on November 9th and 10th.  I will know soon whether or not we have anyone coming from the district.   Remember this year, the district is limiting visitors to the dates they have selected on the calendar each month.   

From the Desk of BS…
Volume 9
The X’s and O’s 

With NFL football in full swing, the unexpected has happened, my beloved Dallas Cowboys are 5-1 and sitting atop the NFC East. They have managed to do this not only with their franchise quarterback out since training camp with a broken back, but also their star wide receiver Dez Bryant has been sidelined. This has all occurred after they managed to lose multiple defensive players to suspensions and injury before the season began. So how on earth could they manage to be sitting where they are almost halfway through the season? It all comes down to the game plan each week. The coaches have taken the talent that they have left, rookie running back Ezekiel Elliot and rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, planned using their strengths, and even have some reporters talking about a Super Bowl Run! Now that would be something special. 

It was wonderful to see all of the “game planning” you all were doing this week on your STEM planning days. You really dug in and began developing lessons that will work best for the “talents” that not only your students have, but you possess as well. Below you will find a couple of links about effectively planning lessons and some ideas to supplement what you may already have: 

I can’t wait to see the X’s and O’s throughout the upcoming weeks as I visit your classrooms! 


Shout Outs!
Courtney & Ashlin--Thank you for always having kind words and for everything you do for our learners at TCE! Your smiles and positive attitudes make your classrooms shine!

Kelly Spears--You are the BEST cheer up teacher I know! Thank you for always knowing the right words to say to both our learners and our TCE Family!

Tina Berumen - Our 1st Super Teacher of the year award from CISD!  Congrats and well deserved!  

Kinder-5th grade for the amazing job you did during our STEM planning days this week!  Your dedication to creating and implementing the best learning possible for our kiddos shows in all that you do each day! Thank you!! - Angie

Candace, Lisa, Tina, Kristan, and Leigh Ann- Thank you so much for being there for our K-5 educators during STEM planning!  Your ideas, research and providing resources makes such a difference for our campus!  Thank you for making time in your schedules to be there with our teams for these design days!  - Angie

Laura, Sherri, Sue, Kelly and Brett- Thank you for making me smile each day as we all work together in the office!  I appreciate you going above and beyond in all that you do!  (and remembering the importance of humor in life!)  Love y'all - Angie

November Birthdays
Katie Tonemah- 3rd
Marie Sork - 7th
Marina Chicas - 8th
Beth Dilley - 11th
Laura Fairchild - 24th
Kristan Hruby - 24th
Renee Rohani - 25th

Curriculum Ideas
As we are working on our campus goals with writing, think about how you are exposing your learners to transition words in writing.  Is there an anchor chart you could create together, a visual in their writing folders or adding transition words to your word wall in your classroom?  Here are a examples of transition words for writing. . .

Capturing Learning with Pictures
 Here are a few images from classrooms and learning around the school.  More to come soon!  

Final Quotes for the Week
We are in such a rewarding profession as we get the opportunity to keep the excitement of learning moving forward for ourselves and our learners each day. . .

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