Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halloween is a Coming. . .

Week of:  October 24th-29th, 2016

Red Ribbon Week!

Monday- Jeans w/hat

Tuesday - Jeans w/crazy hair
Angie Out (part of AM)
STEM Planning Kinder and 1st - Kristan's room 

Wednesday - Jeans w/wacky sock
STEM Planning 2nd and 3rd - Kristan's room
TLC Meeting - Library - 3:15

Thursday - Jeans w/backward's day attire
STEM Planning 4th and 5th - Kristan's room
School Picture Retakes

Friday -   Sweats/jeans day (with any TCE shirt) to support our fun run and our potluck!
Texan Town
Jack O'Lantern Jog - All Day
TCE Halloween Potluck

Important Reminders and Updates!

Halloween TCE Potluck
Our fall/Halloween potluck will be this Friday!  So, be thinking about what might be a fun and fabulous treat for everyone to enjoy! 

STEM planning days
Grade levels may wear sweats on your STEM planning days!  

TLC Meeting
Please make sure and have your pages for our Innovator's Mindset read by Wednesday, so we can discuss as a campus! Page 119 is the stopping point.  

From the Desk of BS…Volume 9 

The Story of Ryan Merritt 

The Cleveland Indians punched their ticket to the World Series this week on the arm of the unlikeliest of pitchers. Ryan Merritt had only pitched in the majors leagues 5 times before being notified that he would start the series clinching game 5 of the American League Championship Series. How did the Indians manager know that he would be the best man for the job? It all comes down to knowing your team and building relationships with them. Cleveland’s manager knew that if the need for a left handed pitcher arose in the playoffs due to unforeseen circumstances, he would need Ryan Merritt, and before the start of the series, one of their left handed starters injured his pitching hand fixing his drone at home (go figure). 

Most interestingly is the fact that Merritt is from a little town north for Frisco, Celina, Texas, and was never supposed to even be in this position. He has spent his entire career in the minor leagues until this year, he proved to be the lefty they needed. The power of knowing their players and building those positive relationships helped the Indians trust that they had made the impact they needed to get the best out of the lefty at the most opportune time.

Below you will find a link to building positive relationships and getting to know your learners so that you can have a major impact on their success in the “big leagues.” 

Thanks for a great week! It has been a blast hearing all the knowledge you guys already have about your kiddos, not only academically but also social and emotionally! Enjoy the weekend! 


Shout Outs!

Ashlin, Thank you for sharing your math independent rotations presentation with me! You have so many great ideas and I appreciate you sharing them! -Renee

Brett, Kelly, Laura, Sherri and Sue, and all of our TCE staff,  Thank you so much for holding down the fort while I was out this week and for ensuring everyone is always taken care of!  It was such a relief to know I could leave and you all could take care of business!  Much love and truly appreciate each of you!  - Angie

Tina, Thank you so much for helping my class with their Global Read Aloud!  The video was super cute!!  You are the best!! - Lorri B.

Sue, Thank you so much for coming to my rescue with the student who had the Velcro mitt stuck to her hair/head!!  Kindergarten recess is always exciting! - Lorri B.

Kasey, thank your  for all of your incredibly hard work creating our RTI progress monitoring probes... and for answering allll of my questions! You are amazing!!

Shout out to the TCE Staff, Thank you for an amazing week while we held down the fort while Angie was away! I appreciate all of you more than you could imagine!  From the wonderful Spirit Rally to our PST meetings it was a great week to be a Texan and celebrate success.  You commitment to our school does not go unnoticed and makes me proud to serve along side you each and every day!  We are just a few weeks out from Thanksgiving Break so there will be time to rest and recharge.  It's been a great 1st nine weeks, let's keep the momentum going on this wonderful school year and make an impact on every student every day! - BS

Brett, thank you for being so sincere while meeting with us about our little learner at the PST meeting. It is very comforting  to know the leaders in our school genuinely care and want to search every way possible to help our learners be successful. Thank you!!! Julie

Candace, thank you for starting the Book Club with my learners!  You did an excellent job getting them started and getting them excited to challenge themselves!!!!

Angie and Brett , I think we missed "Boss Day" this week but wanted to shout out that we love you and thank you for everything you do for us and for TCE ! We have the greatest bosses ever!!!! Kinder and First

BIG shout out to Laura, Sherri and all the volunteers who spent a lot of time working on getting our lap tracker up and running and the cards made for our kiddos so they could run this Friday !!! I truly appreciate it!!! -Ashley

Candace - I so appreciate all of the hours you spent helping bubble CogAT tests! I know it is not exactly a fun task, so I am so thankful for your willingness to jump in and help when I was absolutely drowning! So thankful to work with a friend like you! Love, Kelly

Becky, Ashley and Beth,  Thank you for helping to make our 2nd grade program a success!  I know it takes hours of practice and effort for these presentations to happen, so know we appreciate all you do!  - Angie

Thanks Tina for taking extra time to move our research links to a MackinVia group! You're always so helpful! -Katie

Lisa and Candace, Y'all are my "go to gals." Thanks for always being my "thought partners." Couldn't survive without y'all! Love, Mary:)

Sending out HUGE thank you to Lauren and my kinder team and Sandra Morgan for holding down the fort while I away on some serious business 🐬🌴 🌞 Love you guys!!! - Kim

TCE K-5 Educators, I truly appreciate all you have been doing to get our data collection off to a fabulous start this year for our kiddos!  I know the hours it takes to truly gather, analyze and use data to design the absolute best instruction for you!  - Angie

Candace and Kelly, Thank you so much for all of your behind the scenes work getting ready for CoGat testing!  I know this year it was much more work with getting ready to go and we appreciate all you did to make it go smoothly!  - Angie

Specials Team and Brett, Thank you so much for making our 1st spirit rally so much for our campus!  Love your ideas and appreciate your efforts! - Angie

October Birthdays
Jenna Taylor - 25th

Curriculum Ideas/Resources
This is an article that not only gives an overview of the importance of guided reading, but also many of the essential elements involved. . .good read. . .

Final Quote for the Week
I was thinking as I came back from my trip this week. . .
how wonderful it is to come back to such a positive place. . .so blessed and glad to work with all of you at TCE. . .

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