Saturday, January 23, 2016

T-STEM Conference a Success!

Thank you to everyone for holding down the fort on Thursday and Friday while we had several people out presenting at the T-STEM conference!  The presentations went great and have several school districts in Texas excited about setting up  visits to our campus!

Here is a link to the presentation our office group (me, Brett and Kelly) shared if you want to see a bit about our focus!

Week of:  January 24th-28th, 2016

 Teacher Appreciation Week Tues-Friday!
Monday - STEM Planning Kinder and 1st - A202
Site-Based Meeting - 3:15 - C106 

Tuesday - STEM Planning Specials Team - A202

Visitors Burleson ISD 12:45-3:00pm

Wednesday- STEM Planning 2nd and 3rd - A202

Thursday - STEM Planning 4th and 5th - A202

Friday - Texan Town

Jump Rope for Heart Assembly 9:30-K-2nd, 10:00-3rd-5th
PST/RTI meetings - C106
PTO Teacher luncheon 
TCE Social - Meredith's House

Important Reminders and Updates
From the District, PLEASE READ and FILL OUT SURVEY!! 
This has to be filled out by this Monday, January 25th!  Sorry for the short notice, it came out in the courier at 5:00pm on Wednesday and I didn't catch it until today!
Team leaders, please make sure your team has completed!!
Dear Educators,
Coppell ISD is having a curriculum audit completed by the TASA Curriculum Management Audit team. This will be a comprehensive audit of language arts, math, social studies, and science curriculum documents that support academic programming. The audit team is composed of individuals outside our district and area who are taking an all-inclusive look at our curriculum getting input from stakeholders. In addition to educator input via this brief survey, the auditors will be soliciting additional input in an “open” group interview being scheduled by the district. This group educator interview will be held on February 1st, from 4:00-4:45 in the CISD Board Room. If you are interested in participating in this group, please email
The survey attached does have an opportunity for open comments for general input in addition to the questions asked in the survey. Please complete the survey by January 25. We look forward to your input as we continuously work to improve our curriculum in CISD!
Jump Rope for Heart Assemblies
Please note the quick assemblies on Friday of this week!  We needed to have these in order to share quickly about the upcoming fund raiser for the American Heart Association.  These will be held in the cafeteria and should be fairly quick!
Engineer of the Week
This week's engineer:  Marly Natherson

January Birthdays
Lisa Hansen - 18th
Kim Becker - 23rd 
Shout Outs
5th grade teachers for the wonderful job they did presenting the Sky Ranch info to the parents last week!

Our first round of cultural plunge presenters for sharing their experiences with our staff!  

Cathy Wilson for once again keeping open lines of communication and forming relationships with our parents during her Dyslexia Night!

Jennifer Martin, Kristan Hruby, Marly Natherson, Kasey Kemp, Lori Vincenzo, Lauren Torti, Katy McKinney, Kelly McShan, Brett Shelby and Kelly Spears for representing TCE at the T-STEM conference!  Awesome job sharing the learning and how we are continuing to constantly grow our learners through STEM!
Final Quotes
Remember that keeping a focus is crucial in achieving goals! 


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