Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

I hope all of you are enjoying your Halloween weekend and don't forget to set your clocks to fall backward this weekend!  Love getting that extra hour of sleep!

Week of:  November 2nd-6th, 2015

Monday - JDRF Fun Walk/Run - Wear sweats

Tuesday -  Parent/Community Tours (AM and PM)

Spring Creek BBQ Night!
Wednesday -  Faculty Meeting - 3:15 - Library

Thursday - Have a Terrific Thursday!

Friday - Texan Town 

Pansy Planting (right after lunch times out front) 

Important Reminders and Updates
Parent Community Tours
Don't forget we have parent/community tours going on during the day on Tuesday!  They will start at 8:30am and then 1:00pm!  Your hallway presentations are looking great!  Thank you to everyone that has been focusing on displaying learner work and showing the learning process!

Spring Creek BBQ
Thank you so much for those of you who signed up to work on this evening!  Everyone who signed up will get three free sweats passes!  If you were not able to sign up and still would like to go up on Tuesday night for dinner and say hello to TCE families, you can get the two sweats passes!  

Pansy Planting
For our annual pansy planting on Friday, please make sure you have split your recess duty teachers up (one take kids to playground and the other go out front with the group who will be planting) and it would be great if another teacher might help for a few to get learners going with planting!   If it happens to rain, we will reschedule for another date!

Shout Outs! 
 Shout out to Kelly Spears for working with Student Council with our Red Ribbon Week days!

Shout out to everyone for a great TCE Potluck!  Such yummy treats were brought, thank you!

Shout out to those teams coming to PST/RTI meetings!  Everyone is doing a great job showing data and truly knowing your students!

Shout out to Kate Seifert and Sherri Kingsley for getting our Texan Town popcorn rolling smoothly!
 November Birthdays 
Katie Tonemah - 3rd
Marie Sork - 7th
Marina Chicas- 8th
Kristan Hruby - 24th
Laura Fairchild - 24th 
Renee Rohani - 25th
Kelly McShan - 28th

Resources for Global Classrooms

Click here to take you to resource!  Watch the video and read the article on creating global problem solvers! 

Final Quotes 
Thought these were some great quotes to reflect on as we continue working with our learners this fall semester!


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