Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rain, rain, rain!!

When the weatherman says rain, it really means rain. . .hopefully we won't get too much more!

Week of: October 26th-30th, 2015

 Red Ribbon Week All Week!

Monday - Wear jeans and Red shirt
Fire Safety Presentation (Clowns) K-2 - Cafeteria - 8:30am
TCE Potluck - Lounge (sign-up in Google Doc!)

Tuesday - Wear jeans and backwards shirts, etc.

TCE PTO Board Meeting 8:15am - C106
Rhythm Path Program - During Specials times (gym) 

Wednesday -  Wear jeans and favorite team attire (shirt/hat, etc.)

Thursday -  Wear jeans and wacky hairstyle
Kelly Out Counselor Meeting (AM)

Friday - Wear jeans and fun cap/hat

Texan Town
Report Cards Go Home
PST/RtI Meeting
JDRF Diabetes Service Learning Fun Walk/Run (all day)

Important Reminders and Updates

JDRF Donations for Service Learning
Make sure and donate if you can to our diabetes service learning project!  You can wear jeans all the week of November 2nd-6th if you donate $5!
Click here to donate!

Parent Community Tours
Don't forget we will be having our 1st parent/community tour on November 3rd! Please make sure that you are working on getting hallway presentations looking good for visitors and that your classrooms are freshened up or tidied if needed!  Some ideas will be to display your QR codes for student digital portfolios, parts of the engineering design process with items of student work in progress, anchor charts, pictures of learning, QR codes linking to student presentations of learning, etc. 

Shout Outs!
Shout out once again to Linda Cook for being our amazing trainer once again for Crucial Conversations! 

Shout out to our 2nd round of Crucial Conversations educators:  Katie Tonemah, Alicia Montgomery, Laura Fairchild, Marie Sork, Renee Rohani, Ashlin Bowman, Megan McGraw, KaTrina Brown!  Great job working on these skills during your training!  

Sue Kane for getting our JDRF Diabetes Service Learning Project up and running!  Can't wait to see how well we do raising our funds!  Remember if you would like to donate, you can do so online!  

Shout out to Cathy Wilson for once again having her Dyslexia Parent Information meetings to help support her learners and their families!  

Shout out to everyone who helped to participate in the Spirit Rally!  Such a fun time laughing and celebrating with our kiddos during these days!  

Shout out to Katy McKinney for hosting the TCE Social at her house!  We appreciate you and love being able to hang out with our TCE family outside of school!

October Birthday

Jenna Taylor - 25th
Engineer of the Week
Our engineer this week is:
Mary Kennington

Resources for Critical Thinking and Questioning

Final Quotes
It was so great to laugh with TCE family at the social on Friday!  Remember how important laughter is in your life and how much it can help you to let go of so many of those day to day stresses!  

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