Monday, October 12, 2015

Who Loves Columbus Day? I Love Columbus Day!

Don't know about all of you. . .but I am so happy that we will get to enjoy a 3 day weekend!  Hope you all are able to get out and about. . .possibly head out to the fair, the park or a patio and enjoy this time!  

Week of: October 12th-16th, 2015

Monday - 
Holiday!  No School!

Tuesday -  Have a Terrific Tuesday! 

Wednesday - CoGat Testing 3rd and 5th grades
Crucial Conversations Training 8:00am-3:00pm (A201)
Vertical Meeting - 3:15 - Start in library (bring your non-negotiables)

Thursday - CoGat Testing 3rd and 5th grades
Crucial Conversations Training 8:00am-3:00pm (A201)

Friday - Texan Town

PST/RtI Meetings (A-B) Kinder and 1st Brett will check w/you
Therapy Dogs
Teacher of the Year Banquet in Austin - cross your fingers!

Important Reminders and Updates
Recess and Lunch Duties
Just a quick reminder that everyone needs to be monitoring closely during our recess and lunch times.  I ask that you continuously walk through the tables during lunch time as well as please monitor the line waiting to go through the cafeteria lines and when washing hands try to have another teammate ensure they are getting from there to lining up outside quickly and quietly.  

During recess duty make sure that you are not just sitting down.  You may sit for a while, but you need to be actively monitoring and walking around at least every 10 minutes.  Also, please refrain from using your phone unless necessary to communicate with another teacher/office inside.  Also,  make sure you always have our walkie talkie with you.  

Finally, please make sure that you are not sending in lots of kiddos to go to the bathroom at the same time during recess. Several kids are just entering the building without asking a teacher on duty so make a plan with your team on how to find a way that will work best for them to be able to go, but not have large groups inside the building at one time.  

Thank you for you help with these needs as we have had several issues this year already during lunch and recess times with learners not being appropriate and using our school-wide expectations.  

Super Teacher 
Remember to nominate a Super Teacher!  This is a great way to highlight all the wonderful learning going on at TCE and gives our teachers shout outs for the amazing planning and classroom instruction!
Click here to nominate!
Spirit Rally
Remember we will have a Spirit Rally coming up soon!  If you have anything you would like to announce or do, please let me know! 
Halloween Social
Don't forget the TCE Social coming up soon!

 Shout Outs!

Shout out to all of our K-5 teams for the amazing planning days this last week!  Loved hearing what you have going on and will be doing in the classrooms!  Also, loved hearing and seeing your work together as vertically aligned teams!  

Shout out to Alicia Montgomery, Brad Cook and Candace Coffee for helping during the STEM planning days!  
Shout out to all K-5 classroom teachers for doing such a wonderful job working with our parents during parent/teacher conferences!  I know it takes so much time to accomplish all of these conferences, so I appreciate the time you take to make every parent and child feel important as you listened and worked with them sharing progress/concerns.  Thank you!

October Birthday
Only one birthday this month!
Jenna Taylor - 25th
Engineer of the Week
Lori Vincenzo
Resources for Manners


Can you Teach My Alligator Manners Videos?
These might be good for some of our kiddos, especially our K-2 learners to see! There are several videos when you search on youtube!
SoulPancake featuring videos from Kid President
This is another great resource for K-5, especially some of the videos about happiness and how one can help to change the world!
Final Quotes 
As you can see, I am still on my good manners kick. . .thought these quotes summed it up well.

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