Sunday, November 8, 2015


Don't know about all of you but I am looking forward to watching a little football todayOur football pool is going strong with lots of picks on Washington to lose. . .so I am hoping that maybe they will win and knock some people out of the loser's pool!  (Kelly Spears told me that I have been focusing on the weather a lot lately when I start my blog, so figured I would go with something different! :) )
Week of:  November 9th-13th, 2015

Monday - Fire Drill/Tornado drill (AM)

Lock Down Drill - 2:00   
SBDM Meeting - C106 3:15

Tuesday -  Angie Out (AM) Principal Meeting
Wednesday -  Texan Town Schedule

Veteran's Day Ceremony 8:30am
Vertical Meeting - 3:15 

Thursday - Brett Out (PM) AP Meeting

Friday -Texan Town

Therapy Dogs

Important Reminders and Updates

Curriculum Courier
Here is the updated link to the Curriculum Courier sent out by the CISD Curriculum Department.  I am going to start including this in my blog, so team leaders if you could make sure you are double checking for anything your team would need to do and I will talk to you as well about any info that is essential for our campus!

Alicia's and Brad's Smore
I am so excited to share out a new way that Alicia and Brad will be sharing info with you about resources (both technology and library) one to two times a month!  This is a great way for you to learn about some new ideas you may want to try with your learners as well as sharing some ideas being tried on campus!  Thank you guys! 

Google Sites
Please make sure your websites are being kept up to date and that you are highlighting ways in order for you learners to access learning at home.  Ex:  links to all of our online resources (istation, reflex math, powerkids science, pebblego, tumblebooks, brainpop, etc.)  Remember you cannot post the passwords online, but you need to make sure your parents and kiddos know how they can access them!  
I am seeing some great links on websites, including areas where people have their agendas posted each day for communication with parents!  Keep up the good work and we will talk at vertical this week briefly about how you all are using your websites for learning tools as well as sharing out for those of you using blogs for communication!  

Shout Outs!
Shout out for the amazing learning that was shared on our parent/community tours last week!  The visitors were so impressed and appreciative of you opening up your rooms for them to come in and see the learning!   

Shout out to all of you who are using blogs to communicate with parents!  I am impressed with your desire to find new ways to share your learning!

Shout out to all of our teachers who signed up for Spring Creek BBQ night as well as those who went up there for dinner!  I appreciate you showing our TCE families that you are proud of our campus and support getting together with them for fun nights like these!  

Shout out to Alicia Montgomery and Katy McKinney for getting to be the 1st to receive honors from the Education Foundation this year!  And thank you to those who nominated them as well as our learners!  

November Birthdays 
Katie Tonemah - 3rd

Marie Sork - 7th

Marina Chicas- 8th

Kristan Hruby - 24th

Laura Fairchild - 24th 

Renee Rohani - 25th

Kelly McShan - 28th

Engineer of the Week

Final Quotes
This is a great time for you and your kiddos to reflect on the importance of gratitude.  It might be a great challenge for your kiddos or you could discuss and talk about the meaning of gratitude during  morning meetings!


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