Friday, November 13, 2015

Better Wear Your Stretchy Pants. . .

All righty people. . .hope you are hungry this week!  Get ready to wear some sweats or stretchy pants on Monday, since you will be served up a Southern Cookin' Thanksgiving!  Just so you'll know what we will be having. . .it is not the typical traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year!  We decided to go with something a bit different. . .we will be having some of Angie Lee's chicken spaghetti, more delicious casseroles and sides/salads as well as some tasty desserts! 

Week of: November 16th-20th, 2015
Monday - Wear Sweats or Jeans! 
Southern Thanksgiving Feast for TCE Staff 
Team Leader Meeting - C106 - 3:15pm 

Tuesday -   Texan Town Schedule

3rd Grade Program 8:30am and 6:00pm
Gloria Yates Retirement Party - Library - 3:15pm
Wednesday -  Angie Out (All Day Training)

TLC Meeting - Library - 3:15pm 

Thursday - Angie Out (9-11am) Brett Out (1-3pm) and Kelly Out (8:30-12:00pm)

Friday -Texan Town

Turkey Drive - front loop and cafeteria loop
Turkey Trot - all day  

Important Reminders and Updates
Didn't know if ya'll knew it or not. . .but we have Thanksgiving break coming up in 6 more days!  That's all the updates I have for you right now. . .I will debrief with team leaders about any info in our meeting on Monday of this week!

Shout Outs!
Shout out to Katy McKinney who will be representing us this year as our Teacher of the Year for TCE!  We are so happy to have you representing us! 

Shout out to everyone who was able to help out with our pansy planting on Friday!  If you could make sure and give a shout out to Beth Reynolds and Tim Tidwell for all of their help when you see them around TCE!

Shout out to all of our Site-Based Commtitee Members for sharing about TCE at our last meeting!  I appreciate you letting others know about our campus and the wonderful learning happening!  

Shout out to Brett Shelby and Kelly Spears for all of their help getting our kiddos ready for Veteran's Day Ceremony!

Shout out to Becky Garrett for the beautiful music by our 3rd grade for Veteran's Day!  

Shout out to our 3rd grade teachers and Laci Garza and Ashley Martin for helping get our 3rd graders ready for their performance at Veteran's Day!

Shout out to our Boy Scouts for the great job they did in the ceremony!  

Shout out to everyone for sharing their thoughts and ideas at our vertical meeting!  I was very impressed with the level of technology integration being discussed and the excitement for learning!  Thank you!

November Birthdays
Katie Tonemah - 3rd

Marie Sork - 7th

Marina Chicas- 8th

Kristan Hruby - 24th

Laura Fairchild - 24th

Renee Rohani - 25th

Kelly McShan - 28th

Engineer of the Week

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