Saturday, April 16, 2016

T-TESS, Tours, Engineering, Oh My!!!

This pic made me laugh. . .I know as we go through the final few weeks of school, you may feel this way at times due to stress and our kiddos feeling the ever approaching spring and summer weather! Just keep your head up and remember to keep breathing and keep those positive thoughts coming! :)
Week of:  April 18th-20th, 2016

Monday - Angie and Brett out (T-TESS evaluation system training) - 9:00am-4:00pm (Feel free to wear jeans!)

Tuesday - Angie and Brett out (T-TESS training) (Feel free to wear jeans!)

Wednesday -Angie and Brett out (T-TESS training) (Feel free to wear jeans!)

Thursday - Parent/Community Tours 8:30-10:00 and 1:00-2:30

Engineering Extravaganza - 5:30-7:00pm
(Wear jeans and a TCE shirt)

Friday - Lunch in Lounge (provided by Angie as a treat)

(Jeans and a nice shirt!)
Visitors from Wichita Falls 7:45-11:00
Texan Town
PST/RTI Meetings - C106

Spring Sprint Run - All Day during Specials

Important Reminders

T-TESS Training Angie and Brett
 Brett and I will be out on Monday-Wednesday for the new training for next year for educator evaluations.  Jennifer Martin and Kelly Spears will be our go to people for the days we are out.  Also, Brett and I should be available through text and email during these days.  We will be at the campus first thing in the morning and then head to admin. after that for the training.  
Engineering Extravaganza Night
If you could please, make sure and add on the Google Doc the location you want to be for your station.  I would like for all of the stations to be downstairs again this year! 
Only two people per station please, 
Helping Young Learners with Struggles and 
State Suicide Prevention Training
Please make sure that you are watching the training we discussed in our faculty meeting.  Once you have finished you need to put your certificate in my box.  Also, there will be  sign in sheet on Brett's office for you to sign you have completed the training as well that we have to turn in to the district.  I suggest you saving a copy or printing a copy of your certificate for you to have as well.

Cancelled Team Leader and 
TLC Meeting for the week!
I am going to cancel our team leader meeting and our TLC for this week due to Brett and I being out for training.  Team leaders- I will email any info out to you needed and we will do more cultural plunge presentations during our faculty and vertical meetings in May!
 Wichita Falls Group on Friday
We will have a group of about 25 visiting us on Friday during Texan Town and afterwards in the classrooms.  They will be here from about 7:45-11:00am.  Team leaders, please let me know what you will be working on during this day.  I am going to try to make this the last group we have for this year, unless something else randomly comes up!  I appreciate all you do to make visitors welcome!   

April Birthdays

Brett Shelby- 7th 
Laci Garza - 11th
Morgan Peccarelli- 22nd 
Stacey Watson - 27th

Engineer of the Week
This week's engineer is: Morgan Peccarelli
Shout Outs!
Marly Natherson and Kasey Kemp for leading our last vertical team with the System Safeguard info!

Everyone for the amazing showcase of learning with our tour group on Thursday!
Jennifer Martin and her taking on the new role of Assistant Principal next year at Austin elementary!

Everyone who was able to make it out to the TCE Hoedown!  It was a wonderful night and I appreciate your support for our campus and families!
Laura Fairchild for going above and beyond helping me throughout the Hoedown and for helping us with wrapping up the evening event in pack up and clean up!
Rosa, Marina and Sarah for all of their help with another successful event!  Please make sure and tell them how much we appreciate all that they do!
Resources on De-stressing
Here are a few ideas for you or for your kiddos during these next few weeks of getting ready for testing (STAAR) and as we make our way to the end of the year!

Final Quotes  

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