Sunday, April 3, 2016

Beautiful Sunshiny Day!

Week of:  April 4th-8th, 2016

Monday - Wear jeans and Ranger's shirt or Ranger's colors! (to support Opening Day!)
Fire Drill/Lockdown Drill
Write From the Beginning and Beyond (see below for details)

Tuesday - Angie Out (All day)

Wednesday - Faculty Meeting - Library - 3:15 (Bond Presentation)

Thursday - Parent Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast - 7:30am

Bond Presentation with Dr. Waldrip - 6:00pm - Cafeteria
Friday - Texan Town

Important Reminders
Write From the Beginning and Beyond Tour
There is a person who the district is working with that will be walking around with me tomorrow, Monday, April 4th to look at evidence of writing around the building and seeing how we have been implementing Write From the Beginning and Beyond strategies.  We will be around between 8:00-9:30am.  I may ask some of you to share journals as we are walking around or writing samples of anything you have used with your kiddos showcasing the strategies.  Nothing to have to be prepped for, but if you have some good examples of anchor charts or writing you did, please have handy! 

TCE Parent Volunteer Breakfast
We will have our annual parent volunteer luncheon in the library on April 7th.  Everyone please make sure you have each signed up for something to help support all of our parents who do so much for the school!  

Engineering Extravaganza Night
We will be having our TCE Engineering Extravaganza Night on April 21st from 5:30-7:00pm.  I am attaching the stations from last year below.  Please try to vary the stations up and have new challenges for the kiddos and parents!  You can use some of the same materials, but definitely ensure there are problems or challenges within it, not just playing with the materials since they are familiar with our maker station materials now.  
Only two people per station please, click here to sign up! 

TCE Texan Tours with Wichita Falls
We have two schools who have contacted me about bringing their staff to the building after the principals came for their visit.  (Truly a compliment that the administrators want to bring their staff and are taking the funds and time to come and see the learning at TCE!)
We will have these visitors on April 14th and April 22nd!

April Birthdays
Brett Shelby- 7th
Laci Garza - 11th
Morgan Peccarelli- 22nd
Stacey Watson - 27th

Shout Outs
4th and 5th grade teachers for all of their preparation and support with our first round of STAAR testing! 

Kinder-3rd grade teachers and specials teachers for keeping all of our kiddos working and quiet during our testing days!

Small group test administrators and monitors:  Lauren Torti, Lori Vincenzo, Kelly Burks, Mary Kennington, KaTrina Brown, Alicia Montgomery, Kim Becker, Candace Coffee, Cathy Wilson, Lisa Hansen, and Sherri Kingsley for all of their help on testing days!  

Candace Coffee for extending one more day and helping to give our kiddos STAAR who were absent during the testing days!  

4th and 5th grade teachers for all of their support with the partnership DTCC group and the video production for CISD!

Casey Wagner for getting our final Texan Town catalog ready to go for Spring sessions! We appreciate you!!

Final Quotes
Thinking about the spring semester. . .this can be a time when our kiddos start getting a bit bouncy and we ourselves are getting a bit ready for the summer.  Please remember, that this is time of year to buckle down, bring back that focus,  and keep on trucking ahead to do whatever we can to finish the year strong with our kiddos!  Remember why we do what we do and how we want others to know TCE is the best of the best in education and learning!


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