Sunday, April 10, 2016

Busy Time of Year. . .

Hi everyone,

I don't know about you. . .but this time of the year just seems to get extremely busy very quickly!  I am trying to make sure I don't forget things, so please do the same and make sure you are checking your calendar regularly as all of the springtime events get started!  

Week of:  April 11th-15th, 2016

Monday - Interviews after school - 3:15 - C106

Tuesday - Middle School North Coming 1:30- 5th grade - Cafeteria

Wednesday - Vertical Meeting - 3:15

Thursday - Wichita Falls Tour Group - AM

Brett Out (PM)
Katy McKinney's baby shower - 3:15

Friday -Texan Town

Therapy Dogs
PST/RTI Meetings - C106
TCE Texan Hoedown and Auction - 5:30-8:30pm

Important Reminders
Engineering Extravaganza Night

We will be having our TCE Engineering Extravaganza Night on April 21st from 5:30-7:00pm.  I am attaching the stations from last year below.  Please try to vary the stations up and have new challenges for the kiddos and parents!  You can use some of the same materials, but definitely ensure there are problems or challenges within it, not just playing with the materials since they are familiar with our maker station materials now. 

Helping Young Learners with Struggles and 
State Suicide Prevention Training
Please make sure that you are watching the training we discussed in our faculty meeting.  Once you have finished you need to put your certificate in my box.  Also, there will be  sign in sheet on Brett's office for you to sign you have completed the training as well that we have to turn in to the district.  I suggest you saving a copy or printing a copy of your certificate for you to have as well.
Wichita Falls Group on Thursday
 Our group coming this Thursday will be here from about 8:00-11:30.  It will be a large group of about 25-30 people, so once we start walking, Brett and I will probably split the group.  Please make sure you have everything freshened up in classrooms and hallway displays, since we will have this group and another on coming next week.  Team leaders, please email me and Brett so we will know what you will be showcasing.  This is the group that is focusing a good bit on technology integration in learning!  Thank you!

 TCE Texan Hoedown
Please remember that our biggest fundraiser for the year is this Friday from 5:30-8:30pm.  I need you to be there for an hour and a half.  This can be at anytime during the event.  Please make sure and thank PTO members when you see them helping to get ready for this event!  It takes many people to get this all together and going!

April Birthdays

Brett Shelby- 7th

Laci Garza - 11th

Morgan Peccarelli- 22nd

Stacey Watson - 27th

Engineer of the Week
This week's engineer is:  Kate Seifert

Resource on Structure of Thinking
I found an interesting article on creating a culture of thinking in your schools well as a structure of thinking for learners. Check out the links throughout the article watch the videos! 
Might be something really beneficial that aligns nicely with problem based learning and the engineering design process.
Click here for link to the article!

Final Quotes
Even though we sometimes focus on how busy our lives can get. . .think about these quotes as well and stay focused and make time for happiness!

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