Saturday, January 28, 2017

Austin, STEM Planning, and Jury Duty for Me. . .

As I am thinking about heading to Austin with our kiddos and educators tomorrow, my brain is excited thinking about this week with getting to visit with legislators and senators, our STEM planning days. . .as well as my lovely jury duty of which I must attend on Tuesday.  

I am also in between sneezes with these allergies, so hoping you other allergy sufferers out there aren't in the same boat as me!  We are continuing on with another busy week, so please make sure and make time for YOU this weekend and find those times during the work week to breathe and take moments for yourself!  

Week of:  Jan. 30th- Feb.3rd, 2017
Jeans/sweats ALL this week to celebrate the amazing tours and presentations given for CISD 360!

Monday- Angie Out with Group in Austin
Kelly Out (Classroom Management Framework)

Tuesday - Kinder and 1st STEM Planning Day - Kristan's Room

Wednesday - Angie Out (Jury Duty) Hopefully not all day
2nd and 3rd grade STEM Planning Day - Kristan's room
Faculty Meeting - 3:15 - Library

Thursday -  Angie Out (AM) STAAR Training
4th and 5th grade STEM Planning Day - Kristan's Room
Kelly Out (PM) STAAR Training

Friday -  Texan Town
PST/RTI Meetings - Kristan's Room

Important Reminders
Engineering Extravaganza Night
We have moved our TCE Engineering night up to Thursday, February 16th from 5:30-7:00pm.  We will be getting our stations, resources and what we can do to vary activities for this year ready at our faculty meeting this week, as well as streamline a bit more so kiddos can get to more activities.  
Be thinking about some activities that might be fun for our families on this night!

Watson App Exploration
We will be talking more during our STEM planning days this about how we will be implementing and working with the new Watson app and future applications.  For now, if you could be thinking about the following questions I sent out from after the training:

As a campus. . .Thinking/Discussion Points
  • Think about how we can use this app to help support goals for our learners and drive our instruction...
  • How might we use this tool to collect various types of data across the campus...
  • Specific documentation:  Subject to open records, discussion points about this...
  • What are the areas we would be spotlighting for learners...
  • What types of data will we be collecting and using...
  • As a campus, clarity on what we would send, document, etc….
  • How will we share info on learners (departmentalized). . .
  • Comparing this tool to other tools we are currently using. . .seeing what works and what suggestions/ideas we may have. . .
  • Parent Communication

Book Study - Innovator's Mindset
  Please remember to have the last part of the book read by the following:  Read pages 122-229 by this week!

From the Desk of BS….volume 19

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block- The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

This week it finally caught up to me.  I’m sure at one time it has happened to you, as well as to your learners.  What do we do when we are planning or trying to help a student get past that hurdle? Where do you get your ideas for your lesson design to help them create and write?  Do you collaborate with other teams, reach out using you professional learning network, search the internet? 

For this week, writer’s block has gotten the best of me.  All I can think of is to provide some resources that may be of some help the next time it happens to you or your learners:

Until next week, thank you again for all you do each and every day for our Texans, 


Shout Outs!

Morgan--Thanks so much for helping out with my Texan Town club this week! You were a lifesaver in a moment’s notice! I appreciate you so much for letting them join in on your makerspace club fun.

Kasey, Renee, & Kristan--WAY TO REPRESENT TCE at the T-STEM Conference this week! You all did an amazing job sharing what you're doing in your classrooms with your learners. Hope to see you all sharing your classroom story with many more educators in the months to come! ❤ Tina

Lisa Hansen: Thank you very much for coming into my classroom and working with students. I really appreciate you taking your time to explore and explain the math concepts (measurement) to the learners. Thank you so much!  Lorri Brehm

Tina and Candace, I so loved getting to present with you this week. I learn so much from you every time I listen to you talk about what you do to change kids' lives. Thank you, also, for helping us with our fancy triboards for our Capitol Schoolhouse presentation. Your vision is so valuable! -Marly

Jenna, Kate, and Morgan - Thank you for being so flexible while I've been out of the classroom this week! I am so thankful to have a team that supports each other and keeps the show running when things are chaotic. -Marly

Beth Reynolds, Thank you for always supporting our learners and going out of your way to create materials and experiences to meet their needs! I could not do this without you!! -Kylen

Courtney & Burks - Thank you for sharing your learners' incredible digital products with us for our presentation. You are doing such cool things with your kids, and I'm glad we get to highlight them! –Marly

Jenna & Mere - Thank you for letting me use your Google sites in our presentation this week! Love your sites as much as I love y'all! :) -Marly

5th Grade Team,  Thank you for all the support as we work together to ensure our learners get exactly what they need!! -Kylen

TCE Staff, What a yummy potluck on Friday! Celebrating a great week of learning!   BS

Thank you Laura for helping to run around and gather all of our extra needs for our presentations as well as our Austin trip! We couldn't make it without you! Thank you! - Angie

Marly, Kristan, Renee, Kasey, Tina, Candace, Brett and Kelly, Thank you all so much for presenting with me this week at the CISD 360 professional learning day! I appreciate your flexibility with getting everything ready to go and for sharing with others the many wonderful learning opportunities happening throughout all of TCE! I appreciate your support! - Angie

To all of our TCE family, Thank you again for everything you did to prepare for our CISD 360 tour groups! The groups are in awe of all you do for your kiddos and how the culture of the school is all about sharing and keeping a positive feel throughout! It would not be that way without each and every one of you and the roles you play each day in making TCE the best school ever! Thank you!! - Angie

Marly, Kristan, Renee, Kasey, Tina, Candace, Brett and Kelly,  Thank you all so much for presenting with me this week at the CISD 360 professional learning day!  I appreciate your flexibility with getting everything ready to go and for sharing with others the many wonderful learning opportunities happening throughout all of TCE!  I appreciate your support! - Angie

Shout out to our 5th grade teachers, Brett and Sue for helping to get our parents ready for Sky Ranch this year at the annual evening meeting!  

Thank you to Marly, Kasey, Kristan, Candace and Tina for all of your help with getting our boards ready, pulling resources and tools and getting our kiddos prepared to head down to Austin to present to our state legislators and senators on Monday!  - Angie

Lori, thank you  so much for letting my classes join your classes to create our digital stories!!   You are such an amazing teacher!!  I'm super blessed  to get to work with you and learn from you!!!! You're also a very special friend!!!  Love you!!! Julie

Rachel and Meredith thanks for always being so much fun and flexible! I have loved getting to know you and your learners this year in the library! ❤Tina

Leigh Ann--you are the best DLC and work wife! Thank you for always being willing to go above and beyond your role as a DLC at TCE! I love working alongside of you! We are so lucky to have you at TCE with us! Tina

Lisa, thank you so much for all the extra time you have been spending helping my learner learn English! You are amazing! 

Love you! Morgan 

Laura, thank you for sharing the MacBook with me for my meeting. I appreciate you! Love, Kelly 

Sue, thank you for all that you do for our families and staff. Not only do you put a lot of time in to finding information and ways to help to help our kids, but you do it with a smile! So thankful for you! Love, Kelly S

Thank you for all of your hard work and for being an advocate for our learners!  You are the BEST!

4th Grade Team, Y'all have been so great to collaborate with! Thank you for all you do with our learners! -Kylen

There are 2 people who made my Fri-YAY- Ashlyn and Tina for coordinating our treat! Thanks!! Lisa L. 

I want to thank Sheri for popping all our popcorn on Fridays for Texan Town. Who knew she had such untapped talent and dedication to TCE! Thank you, Sheri! Lisa L. 

February Birthdays
Star Primera - 2nd
Ashlin Bowman - 10th
Heather Judd - 16th
Rachel Lim - 17th
Anne Lawler - 23rd

 Responsive Teaching Connection
Watch this video sometime during the week to think about the importance of emotional first aid. 

Then comment on the following padlet link as to how this topic might be important for us as adults and for our learners.  You can also add any additional links/videos or articles you find that might connect to self-care and emotional well being.  We will be touching on this later this month as a part of our Teacher Learning Community with Responsive Teaching.

Final Quotes for the Week

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