Sunday, March 29, 2015

First Round. . .Down!

Well everyone, we made it through the first round of STAAR!  Hope you are all enjoying your Easter weekend and are getting the chance to enjoy family and get some rest today! 

Upcoming Weekly Events

April 6th-10th, 2015  

Monday-   Have a Marvelous Monday!

Tuesday-  Have a Terrific Tuesday!

WednesdayFaculty/Vertical Meeting 3:15

Sky Ranch Parent Meeting 5:30pm
PTO Meeting 9:15am
Friday- Texan Town

PST/RTI meetings - C106 

Announcement Weekly Info  

Life Principle: Initiative

Cowboy Courtesy: When meeting new people, shake hands and repeat their names.
ABC of Etiquette:
  Never reach over someone’s plate to get something.

Important Reminders and Updates

Book Studies
If you could please make sure that you have both of our books, Choice Words and Opening Minds, read by our faculty meeting this week!  This way we will be able to continue follow up discussions, etc. 

April Birthdays
Marnie Cranmer - 4th
Brett Shelby - 7th
Laci Garza - 11th
Megan Besozzi - 14th
Morgan Peccarelli - 22nd
Stacey Watson - 27th

Engineer of the Week 
Please remember that Brett or I will cover a morning/afternoon or lunch/recess duty for you during the week!  Just email us to let us know what might work out!  Also, you may leave early one day once your kiddos are dismissed!

This week we are celebrating:  Renee Rohani

Shout Outs 
Marnie Cranmer for all she is doing with our Kinder registration!
Cindy Schroeder for always lending a helping hand to cover classes when needed!

Alicia Montgomery and Brad Cook for all they did to make the iPad rollout successful!  

4th and 5th grade teachers for their support during the iPad rollout!  

4th and 5th grade teachers as well as all of our testing administrators during this first go round of STAAR!  

Becky Garrett, Laci Garza and Ashley Martin for a great Kinder performance at the Spirit rally!

Kelly Spears for getting all of our STAAR materials ready and then taken back to turn in!  

Lisa Hansen for all of her support with TELPAS and writing samples!  

Todd Haddock and Paul Velasquez for offering to come out and help cook up the delicious fajita lunch on Friday! 

Brett Shelby for getting all of the report cards run and ready to hand out and all of the K-5 teachers for getting the info input into the system!  

Final Quotes

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