Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cake on My Face. . .

I can't believe this Friday is going to already be our next to last Spirit Rally for the year!  I am sure to remember it as I will have some lovely cake on the face. . .
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and as we make our way closer to our 1st round of STAAR testing, please make sure we are constantly focusing on keeping all of those school wide expectations up each day to ensure the best learning environments for all of our kiddos!  

Upcoming Weekly Events

March 23rd-27th, 2015
Monday-  Have a Marvelous Monday!

Angie Out All Day - Principal Meeting

WednesdayiPad Rollout for 4th and 5th grades

PLC/Vertical Meeting 3:15 pm
Have a Tremendously Great Thursday!
Spirit Rally (Kinder performs) 8:30am

Announcement Weekly Info  

Life Principle: Propriety

Cowboy Courtesy: When responding to an adult, say, “Yes Ma’am,” or “No Sir.”
ABC of Etiquette:  Do not play with your food.

Important Reminders and Updates
Book Studies
If you could please make sure that you have both of our books, Choice Words and Opening Minds, read by our faculty meeting in April.  This way we will be able to continue follow up discussions, etc. 
Please make sure K-5 Classroom teachers that you are completing everything Brett and Lisa need in order to collect the ratings with your TELPAS writings.  Remember to go over the checklist for everything needed as these are a state requirement and a very important part of the campus/district assessment system.  
All staff, make sure you have completed the needed STAAR modules for upcoming testing days!  I will be sending home the letter to parents this week about the upcoming dates.  

March Birthdays  
Becky Garrett- 7th
Kelly Burks - 8th
Beth Parker - 17th 
Meredith Garnier - 20th
Megan McGraw - 26th 
Lorri Brehm - 30th
Engineer of the Week 
Please remember that Brett or I will cover a morning/afternoon or lunch/recess duty for you during the week!  Just email us to let us know what might work out!  Also, you may leave early one day once your kiddos are dismissed!

This week we are celebrating:  Courtney Rice

 Final Quotes
Thought these quotes were fitting for this absolutely gorgeous Sunday and as we make our way into Spring!

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