Sunday, February 26, 2017

March Already??? Crazy!!

As we make our way into March. . .yes, March, hard to believe. . .The spring cleaning continues at my house!  Gearing up for another small garage sale here in March.  Fairchild and I did some spring cleaning in the computer lab last week and this week we all are going to start thinking about some of those spring chores a bit early. . .inventories and team closets!  Some of you may not have gone up and really looked to see what we might need to organize as far as upstairs team closets.  Remember that last year, we worked on purging and combining grade levels together in order to open up the learning spaces upstairs.  So, now I would like you to start thinking about how those look, if you might purge more or how they can best be used for your teams!

Week of:  Feb. 27th-March 3rd, 2017

Monday- IBM Feedback - Team Leaders (AM)
Turn in TELPAS Samples to Brett 

Tuesday - Angie Out (AM) Principal Meeting

Wednesday - Jeans Day (any shirt)
Faculty Meeting - Library - 3:15 (STAAR Training)

Thursday -  PTO Meeting - 8:15 - Kristan's Room
5th Grade Argument Driven Inquiry Training

Friday -  Jeans Day
Texan Town

Important Reminders
Inventories and Organizing Closets

Team leaders - Get together with your team to make sure you have updated inventory lists for all areas of the school.  This includes adding any new resources/materials purchased this year.   If you would make sure your inventory is updated and in a Google Doc/Google Spreadsheet so it can be shared with me at the end of the year.   Begin working on organizing your team closets. (you may want to work with your vertical grade level K-5 in order to make sure everything being stored is necessary as well as easily accessible)  

From the Desk of BS….volume 23
NBA Trading Deadline 

This week marked the point in the NBA season where teams were able to make their final trades and adjustments to their rosters for the final playoff push. For some teams, this may mean releasing a player in hopes of finding another, or a future player, that may be a better fit for their system. What a luxury professional coaches and owners must feel like they have, if the player doesn’t fit, let’s find one that will. If I see someone out there that I want to put in my system, let’s see how much money we can offer them to get them here.

The great coaches and franchises can take any player and fit them in their system. Some of the most successful teams, from year to year, are able to build off of the strengths of current players and find a way to make it work. With the coming and passing of the deadline, one team you will notice did not make headlines, the San Antonio Spurs. For the past 15 years they have been one of the most competitive and successful franchises in the NBA, and for the most part, they have used the talents from the players that they have, the great coach that leads them, and make a run at a championship year in and year out. 

In education, we aren’t able to make trades, but we are able to build off of our strengths within our classroom. You are the head coach of the team and you are able to take your players strengths, build off of them, and help them be successful. Below you will find a few links that can be a good reference when looking at your team, making relationships and differentiating for learning styles that fit your players: 

Thank you for being all that and a bag of chips, 


Shout Outs!
Shout out to Courtney Rice! Thank you so much for all you have done in helping to facilitate our garden training this year with Real School Gardens. I appreciate the time you have taken in getting everyone scheduled and for taking the lead on this real world learning for kids!

Brett (AKA "The 504 King"), I can't even begin to list all the ways you are AMAZING in our COUNTLESS 504s! I don't have to be annoying Type A self (although you may disagree-ha) because you are so incredible with it ALL! I don't know what I would do without you this year--THANK YOU! –Mary

Laura - Thank you for helping me weed through the lovely stacks in the computer lab in order to help clean up and get more books for our literacy library!

Kristan - Thank you for helping to get our books sorted and ready to be added to our collections in the literacy library!  Appreciate your dedication to organization!  - Angie

Lisa, Thank you SO much for helping me plan one of my lessons and sharing your ideas! You went out of your way to be so helpful! –Kylen

Casey Wagner, Thank you for teaming up with me to help motivate one of our learners! –Kylen

Renee, Thank you for bringing your Jr. iTeam to help our classes put our digital stories on their google sites. Your team rocked!!! They were so well behaved and patient with the little ones! Julie

Kristan, thank you so much for coming in and modeling clocking and class management for me. You always go above and beyond! ~Rachel

Candace, thank you for always embracing my ideas and making them into a reality for our learners! ~Rachel

Kelly, I loved getting to hear the discussion you had with my class when you came to read The Hundred Dresses this week! I love having you in my room. :) –Marly

Shout out to the first grade teachers for stealing the show on Tuesday! Y'all rocked!

Kylen, I love how sharing kids with you! The conversations we've been having about our boys are so helpful, and the kids really adore you. –Marly

Beth, I love the way you saw an interest in one of my learners, invited him to join your club, and then came to our room on Friday to help with that transition. Our kids are so lucky to have you. Marly

Becky,  Thank you so much for all of your hard work with the 1st grade program!  Those 1st graders were groovy with their garden songs and it was truly an enjoyable performance!  Thank you for going above and beyond and making our kiddos, educators and families smile!  - Angie

Wags, Thank you for showing our new friend around during Texan Town on Friday and for helping him make a new friend in the 5th grade! :) Marly

Candace- Thank you for being a great thought partner and for helping with the 1st grade screen casting projects! ~Leigh Ann

Rachel Lim you are wise beyond your years! I love seeing your patience with your diverse learners. Kristan

Morgan Great work with persuasive writing and conferencing with your learners!. Kristan

Katie Tonemah- I love seeing your passion for your learners. Kristan

1st Grade Teachers - Thank you so much for assigning and working with your learners on their speaking parts for "How Does Your Garden Groove"! You're the best! – Becky

What about those 1st grade teachers? Their acting careers must have been cut short so they could dedicate their lives to teaching! In my book you are each an academy award winner! Thank you for being willing to take on a role in the first grade program. I love each one of you.

Beth - You are brilliantly talented! I love working with you! Thank you for the set design for "How Does Your Garden Grow". And, thank you for the adorable t-shirts you make for our potatoes! Love you – Becky

Ashley Martin asked her neighbor to watch her boys so she could come to the 1st grade program and run sound (her husband was out of town). She knows how important it is to me to have someone who has been a part of each rehearsal running the sound. Ashley, you know what it means to be a team player! I love you – Becky

March Birthdays
Becky Garrett - 7th
Kelly Burks - 8th
Sherri Kingsley - 16th
Beth Parker - 17th
Meredith Schaaf - 20th
Megan McGraw - 26th
Jessica Cavet - 27th
Lorri Brehm - 30th

Final Quotes for the Week
As we are hustling on through into spring, don't forget about the importance of having those moments to take deep breaths and taking time for yourself!  Remind your kiddos of the importance of breathing as well. . .a few deep breaths can help with anxiety, anger, stress, etc.  

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