Sunday, December 4, 2016

Getting Into the Holiday Season!

It's starting to feel a little more like the holiday season with this rainy, cold weather.  Hopefully, you will all get to stay cozy and warm and maybe cook up some soup to make your weekend even better!  Only two more weeks until our next holiday break and we will have some special treats to keep you all in the Christmas spirit!

I wanted to thank you all so much for helping to make our Art for the Sky event such a success!  I am going to be sending the video out on Monday as well as we will have our special memory cards for each kiddo and staff member to have from our experience!  Huge thank you to Laura for hosting Daniel this week and for putting up with a little humor from our TCE family!   

If you would like to wear jeans/sweats all this week, please bring in at least one toy to donate to our toy drive!  Thank you for helping to support our Lion's Club and families in need during the holidays!

Week of:  December 5th-9th, 2016

**Hour of Code all Week
**Bring in a one or more toys for our toy drive and wear jeans/sweats all week!

Monday- STEM Planning Day Kinder and 1st
Fire Drill - unless it is raining
Spelling Bee - 5th Grade

Tuesday - STEM Planning 4th and 5th
KaTrina's Retirement Party - 3:15 - Library

Wednesday - STEM Planning 2nd and 3rd 
Faculty Meeting - 3:15 - Library

Thursday -  Possible AM/PM Tours (will know more soon)
Brett out (PM)  

Friday -  Jingle Bell Run
CISD Open House (all day)
TCE Christmas Party - Kristan's House

Important Reminders
Red and Black Superstar Awards
It is Super Star award time again!  The next nomination deadline is Friday, December 9th.  
As a reminder, they are looking to award the following:
Elementary: 1 student per grade plus 1 -2 teachers
Nominations can be made at: 

CISD Open House
The CISD annual open house is this Friday.  Please make sure that you take the time to go over and visit with everyone for a few minutes during your conference time! The district puts a lot of time into getting everything ready, so please make sure TCE is well represented!  

Book Study - Innovator's Mindset
Scroll down to last week's blog post to see the reminder about using padlet to record your ideas/resources by December 14th.  Also, remember to have the last part of the book read by the following:  Read pages 122-229 by our January TLC meeting - January 25th.

TCE Christmas Party

From the Desk of BS…
From the Desk of BS…Volume 13

With the conclusion of most college football seasons comes the ever-fun coaching carousal that takes place. Coaches that didn’t perform well usually end up looking for new jobs, hence, Charlie Strong is no longer the head coach at UT. His 10 million dollar buyout does not make me feel much sympathy, but he did have a foundation started that leaves the new coach, Tom Herman with something special to start with. 

Tom Herman was the head coach of the Houston Cougars, and it took him many years of hard work, grit, determination, and goal setting to land his dream job, head football coach at the University of Texas. Please see the link below to read more about his road: Click here!

As we get into the days closer to a break, it is more important than ever to continue to set goals, not only for yourself, but also for your learners. We have middle of the year assessments coming up soon, be sure to celebrate success with your learners as you talk about current goals and set new ones. Below you will find another article about grit and determination. This time of year can be tough, but just know there is a break just around the corner!

It’s going to be a busy two weeks here in December, thanks again for all you do each and every day for your learners and we are almost there! 

Shout Outs!
Lauren, Thank you for lending me your adorable sweater during canned food drive collection. It was the perfect cure to an extra chilly morning! -Ashlin

TCE Staff,
Thank you to everyone who donated cans to our service learning project! We really appreciate all you did with your kids to help promote the canned food drive. We couldn't have done it without all of you.
Heather, Catherine, Ashlin, & Megan

Patti, Thank you for hanging with 5C while I was down in KTEX this week! I love having you in my room every morning. -Marly

Angie, Thank you so much for the donuts! It's always such a fun surprise when you do nice things like that for us!

Thank you for hosting Daniel Dancer in your home this week. That was such a hospitable gesture and very kind of you!

Tina & Kelly, Thank you for organizing the 12 Days of Kindness Challenge for us! The kids are loving it. -Marly

Lisa H & Kristan, Thanks for tolerating my neuroticism so well! Ya'll make me laugh!
Love, Mary

Kasey, Renee, and Rachel, thank you so much for taking care of everything while we were out at TAGT! We know how stressful it can be when teammates are out, so thank you for everything that you do! Love, Meredith and Casey

Thank you Kristan and Kelly Spears for watching my class so I could run up to the high school!  You made my day less stressful!!!  Lori V.

Shout out to my first grade teammates!!!  I love being part of a team that ALWAYS does what's right for kids AND makes each day so much fun!!  Love you Kelly, Marie, and Julie!!!  Lori

HUGE shout out to Becky and ALL that you are doing for the 5th grade program! I am continually impressed with what you are getting 100+ students to do on a daily basis- sing, act, dance! It is truly a production that I know you've spent hours on with a lot of hard work! You are AMAZING! - Ashley 

Shout out to 5th grade teachers for your flexibility with rehearsals for our Christmas show!

Beth - thank you for helping with Kinder while I rehearse the 5th graders!

Sky Captains:  Kelly, Kristan, Leigh Ann, Tina, Brett, Sherri and Laura Thank you all for helping with the Art for the Sky project and making it such a memorable experience! 

Congrats to Kasey Kemp our 2016 Teacher of the Year!  Excited to have you represent us this year!

Kelly and Brett, Thank you for providing the dance moves during our Karaoke party since I was feeling sick!  You both are rock stars. . .literally. . .you should have heard them sing!  - Angie

Angie, thank you so much for the yummy breakfast this week! You are so thoughtful to always think of us! 💗

Sherri and Sue - thank you for always being lovely, funny and helpful in the office.  I am so lucky to work with you.

December Birthdays
Marly Natherson - 26th
Candace Coffee - 28th

Curriculum Ideas (Coding)
Leigh Ann has sent out some amazing resources for coding, so please make sure and go back in your emails and check out some of the ideas to incorporate with your curriculum!  Remember coding is a wonderful way in which to integrate problem solving and technology skills for your learners.  Here are a few articles discussing "the why" behind coding in learning as well as one providing a few more resources as well!  Can't wait to see how you all might be tying coding into your lessons this week as well as throughout the year!

Final Quotes for the Week
As we go through these two weeks and move into the holidays, think about the importance of joy and encouraging the act of showing kindness to others. . .you may not realize it, but simple little actions can make such a difference.  

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