Monday, May 30, 2016

We've Made it People!!

Well everyone, we have officially made it to the last week of school!  It seems crazy that we are already at the end, but needless to say this 2016 spring has been a bit of a doozy. . .so I know I am ready for summer and I know y'all are as well! 
So, here's to relaxing. . .and more. . .

Week of:  May 30th-June 3rd, 2016

Wear shorts or jeans all week if you donated your $10 to CHAT! 

Monday -  Memorial Day (No School!)

Tuesday - 
5th Grade Graduation 1:30- Gym and 

Cafeteria (reception) 
Interviews - 3:15 - Library
Wednesday - Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Thursday - Spirit Rally - 8:30am - Gym

Last Day Early Release - 12:50pm
PTO luncheon - Library - 1:00pm
TCE End of Year Social - Laura's House after luncheon

Friday - No School (Remember no office staff is working this day)

Important Reminders

Student Survey (All 2nd-5th graders)

 All 2nd-5th grade learners need to use the following link to fill out a district student survey.  2nd-5th grade team leaders, please email me, when you team has completed with kiddos!  Thank you!


 Team leaders:  Please make sure you have a completed inventory in order to turn into me before you leave on the

 final day of school.  Also, if you are a specialist position or specials teacher I need an inventory of your items as well.  This includes anything purchased by the school or by PTO.

Reminders Sent Out Last Week!

1.        Please make sure that if you have any work orders for your classroom, such as ceiling tiles with issues, cubby handles, adding new locks to cabinets, carpet issues, or anything else is needs to be turned it to Laura as soon as you can.
2.        Painting of rooms or hallways- if for some reason your room needs to get painted over the summer, please let me know ASAP!  I have one room down (for Becky).  If you have your room painted, you must have everything taken down from the walls as well as nothing on the back counter, so they can paint there.  If there is a hallway that needs to be painted, for example upstairs and by the restrooms, please let me know so we can turn that in. 
3.       Taking things down- You can go ahead and start taking down work in the hallways and please make sure that includes the black boards that your grade is in charge of.
4.       Lost and found – Please remind your kiddos to check lost and found as everything will be donated one day next week!
5.       Don’t forget if you are wanting to check out technology devices for the summer to get with Alicia and ensure your macbook is fully reimaged before it goes home! 

End of the Year Check Out
Please remember that Brett and I will try to get around to get everyone checked out as soon as possible this week.  You MUST have every item initialed and signed off before we will check you out.  Please remember that I am okay if you keep your keys, but you cannot lose them over the summer.  If you would like to leave them in your box, you can.  Also, remember if you lose your ID badge it costs $25.00 to replace by the district.  

Please make sure that you are stacking all chairs and push desks/tables over to one side of the room.  Also, please make sure you have tagged everything, because the custodial crew will move everything out this summer to shampoo carpet.  Also, do not put anything on the area with linoleum (A Hall rooms) because they need to strip and wax the floor.  

Any food items need to be taken home or stored so there is no chance any bugs or other critters can get to it.    

Class Lists and Pink and Blue Sheets
Teachers, if you could please have this info to me by the last day of school!  If you need a little longer, or need to come back up and look at them again during this next month, not a problem.  Just let me know as Brett, Kelly, Laura and me will be going over them as well as we will be looking at schedules for next year and how it will affect class flip flops.  

Please include all learners even if a child or parent has told you that they were moving.  We will take them out on our end after finalizing with the records in the office.  

Every year we have kiddos who are left off of the list or didn't get a blue or pink sheet filled out.  I ask that you check over three times to make sure we have all of your kids!  This is especially important this year as we are still verifying section numbers!

Assignments and Rooms for Next Year
I am so sorry, but we are still in a bit of limbo with knowing all of our section numbers for next year.  This of course affects where everyone might be placed for teaching assignments.  I was hoping to know more by now and still hoping to know more this week.  For right now, please plan on packing up your room as normal and I will let you know as quickly as I can the final decisions for everything! 

Shout Outs!
Sherri Kingsley and Sue Kane for holding down the front office when Laura was gone to DI competition with our kiddos!

Becky Garrett for a successful 4th grade recorder program!  Thank you for all you did to help the kiddos prepare!  

Ashley Martin, Laci Garza and 4th grade teachers for helping to get our 4th graders ready to go for the program!  

Cathy Wilson on her retirement!  So excited for her to get the chance to have some fun and enjoy this time!

5th Grade Teachers for a successful talent show!  Everything went great and such a fun time to see our kiddos display their talents!  

Engineers of the Week!
Sorry guys, but we had a few bumps in the road with trying to get all of our engineers in this year since we were trying something new!  So, I will be sending these out periodically this summer along with updates, resources, etc.!

Marie Sork

 Click here to watch the video of Marie!

 KaTrina Brown

Click here to watch the video of KaTrina!  

Final Quotes 


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