Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Loving This Break. . .

I hope all of you are truly enjoying yourself during this break!  You all definitely deserve this time off!  You have accomplished so much already this year with our campus and our kiddos and I can't wait to see where the rest of this spring will take us!  I wanted to go ahead and have the blog ready to go for y'all early, so I could focus on enjoying the rest of the week too!  (and working on dissertation. . .woo hoo!)

Week of:  March 21st-25th, 2016

Monday - Team leader meeting - 3:15 - C106 (Jeans to start back from the week off!)

TuesdayShamrock Shuffle - Rescheduled (Sweats to help support our run!)
Coach Yaegar's Last Day!  
Kinder Registration Starts

Wednesday - Vertical/PLC Meeting - Library - 3:15

Thursday - Jeans and TCE Spirit shirt
Texan Town Schedule
Spirit Rally - Gym - 8:30am, Kinder performs
Kelly Out (AM)

Friday - No School!  (Weather Day)

Important Reminders
Flex Credit
Please make sure you are getting your flex hours (professional learning) completed and entered into Eduphoria.  These must equal 18 hours. These must be completed by April 30th and entered/approved in Eduphoria by May 5th.  

STAAR Testing
We will be sending home a letter when we get back to parents about reminders for STAAR testing.  Also, we will be providing a staff lunch to you on Tuesday-29th and Wednesday-30th.  4th and 5th grade teachers, we are working on getting all of the STAAR snacks ready for your kiddos as well as pencils and supplies.  We will let you all know this week if we will need you to help administer a small group or used as a monitor as well as we will do any final STAAR training! 

March Birthdays
Becky Garrett - 7th
Kelly Burks - 8th
Sherri Kingsley - 16th
Beth Parker - 17th
Meredith Schaaf - 20th
Megan McGraw- 26th 
Lorri Brehm - 30th

Shout Outs
Shout out to everyone for an amazing showing for our visitors from Wichita Falls ISD!  They were blown away with the level of learning and can't wait to get back to their campuses to share with their educators!

Shout out to everyone for an incredible Open House!  The parents were so complimentary of everything going on in the building!  Heard great things about the technology being showcased, the learning in the hallways and in the classrooms! 

Shout out to Cathy Wilson, Mary Kennington and Kim Becker for helping with our writing data dive last week!  

Shout out to Coach Yaegar for the great job he has done in his long term sub for Ashley!  His dedication to our kiddos and positive spirit has helped to keep TCE rolling right along in PE!  Thank you!

Final Quotes
When you come back to school. . .start thinking about what kinds things you have down to help promote the power of a positive spirit with your kiddos.  Think about some ways you can focus on their strengths and how you might share those with a small note, an email to parents or sharing shout outs in class.  

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