Sunday, February 21, 2016

Smile Big Everyone. . .

Week of:  February 22nd-26th, 2016

Monday - Picture Day Staff and Students (see attached schedule in email)
Team Leader - C106 - 3:15pm

Tuesday-  Angie Out (AM) 

Wednesday- TLC - 3:15 (Cultural Plunges)

Thursday- Have a Terrific Thursday!
TELPAS Follow-up Training - 3:15 - C106

Friday - Texan Town
RTI/PST Meetings - C106
Kelly Spears Out (AM)
Jump Rope for Heart - all day gym

Important Reminders and Updates
 Open House
Just a reminder that Open House will be right around the corner!  Be thinking about what work you will want to showcase around the school and in your classrooms!  If you haven't freshened up your team black bulletin boards in a while, please try to change those out as well!  

TELPAS Writing Samples
As you begin with your writing samples, please remember to check to ensure you have everything included from the training.  

STAAR Accommodations and Groups
As we are getting closer to our 1st round of STAAR testing, please make sure that you are carefully looking at all current state testing accommodations to ensure everything is in order for testing.  This includes reviewing carefully IEP's and 504 plans as well as looking at current RtI data for needs.   

We are working on creating small groups and individual testing as needed.  If you have a concern, please get with us (Kelly, Brett, me) ASAP! These groups we are working on will be shared with you soon as we have them ready.  Also, K-2 classroom teachers we will let you know if we need you for testing on any of these days.

February Birthdays 
Star Primera - 2nd 
Ashlin Bowman - 10th
Cathy Wilson - 14th 
Heather Judd - 16th
Jennifer Martin - 23rd

Engineer of the Week
 This week's engineer is Kelly Burks!

Shout Outs!
Shout out to Becky Garrett for another wonderful performance for our 1st graders!

Shout out to Laci Garza, Coach Yaegar and our 1st grade teachers for their help with the program!

Shout out to Sue Kane for being fast on her feet to help in our emergency earlier this week!   

Shout out to all of our testing helpers with our mid-year assessments for 3rd, 4th and 5th! Alicia, Kim, Cathy, KaTrina and Mary!

Shout out to everyone for helping to maintain under high levels of stress during emergencies.  It is extra difficult to hold it together when accidents or issues happen.  I appreciate all of you being able to keep our kiddos calm last week and for always loving and supporting our kids and families!
Professional Learning Day Info
 Thank you all for a wonderful learning day last week!  I appreciate Jennifer and Lauren for leading our UbD and for all of your participation and sharing!  

Here are a few of our resources from the day as well as a few pics of you all hard at work!  

Also, remember the resource of Mindshift for great articles and video connections!  

Final Quotes 
I know this time of year can be frustrating at times when you have tried many ideas or strategies and some of your kiddos are still struggling.  It can also be tiring for all of us in education due to those day-to-day stresses that sometimes come out of nowhere and can beat you down. 

Take time to sit back and reflect on why you do what you do.  Remember the power behind never giving up and teaching our kiddos how to be resilient in this world.  Watch the video from earlier this year about grit as another way to remember that each challenge in this world or obstacle you overcome is making you the person you are. . .a stronger, smarter, passionate person who makes a difference each day!

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