Sunday, September 27, 2015

Really? October. . .Already??

A big thank you to all of you for coming out to the Fall Family Picnic on Friday and for being so welcoming to all of our families on Special Friend's Day!  
I can't believe we have already reached October this week!  Hopefully the weather will start cooling off soon, so we can really enjoy this start to our fall!

Week of: September 28th-
October 2nd, 2015

Educator Goal Setting Meetings- All Week
Monday -  3rd Grade Assessment Day

Tuesday -  4th Grade Assessment Day

Angie Out Admin. Mtg. (AM) 

Wednesday - 5th Grade Assessment Day

Thursday -   Have a Terrific Thursday!

Friday -
1st Texan Town - 7:50am-8:40am
Important Reminders and Updates
Texan Town Important!!
If you would all go in and please add your updated descriptor for your club/job for this year to the following Google Doc where you added your ideas.  The ideas look great!  This way we can get applications out to learners, so they can sign up ASAP!  I have talked with Casey Wagner and she is going to help us out with this again this year!  
Thank you Casey!
Don't forget to be working on your 5 non-negotiables as we will be having an activity in our October faculty meeting where you will need them!  

 Cultural Plunge 
I love how so many of you are already talking about ideas for your cultural plunges for this year!  Here are some goals and ideas for the plunge! 

  • Any international student/adult organization
  • Different race or cultures church service or ceremony
  • A rally political, gay rights, etc.
  • Organizations where people have disabilities or are elderly (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) 
  • Grocery stores or shopping areas where English is not the language spoken
  • Restaurant of different culture, race, location in which you are the minority
  •  Community sponsored event or festival by an ethnic population
  • Interact with homeless (remain in safe location)
  • Any other ideas are welcome! 
 Goals for Cultural Plunge: 
1.  to have direct contact with people who are culturally different from
oneself in a real-life setting which represents the target group
2.  to gain insights into circumstances and characteristics of the focal community
3.   to experience what it is to be very different from most of the people one is around
4.  to gain insight into one’s values, biases, and responses  to others

Final Product for Cultural Plunge: 
1.  A short writing piece (no longer than a page) describing your experience and how it affected you and made you reflect as an individual.

2.  A short presentation using some kind of technology to share out your experience (individual or with partner).  Could be something where you use pictures, quotes, expressions, thoughts, etc.  You may be creative in how you share out!  We will not start sharing out until Jan. or Feb.  

Shout Outs!
Shout out to Marly Natherson and Jennifer Martin for helping out with our morning duty!

Shout out to K-5 teachers for getting assessments and progress reports ready to go!

Shout out to everyone for getting their goals entered in for our goal setting this week!

Shout out to Alicia Montgomery for all of her help with the Book Fair this week!

Shout out to Marly Natherson, Kim Becker and Lisa Hansen for helping out to cover a class this week!
Engineer of the Week!
And next up. . .our Engineer of the Week:  
Becky Garrett

Resources for Differentiating in Instruction
The first pic is a link!

Final Quotes
I had the chance to watch the movie Wild with Reese Witherspoon late Saturday night. (couldn't go to sleep)  It was a really reflective movie on finding your inner self and challenging yourself in life.  Thought these might go well with this school year as we look into our own lives as well as those lives of others that we interact with each day.

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