Sunday, April 19, 2015

Triple Days of Testing. . .

All right everyone. . .we are finally here for our next round of STAAR testing.  Please remember that we will let you know each day when we are finished and that the entire building must help to create the best environment possible for our kiddos on these days!

Upcoming Weekly Events
April 20th-24th, 2015  

Monday-   STAAR Testing

Tuesday-  STAAR Testing

WednesdaySTAAR Testing
Make-up STAAR Testing
Friday- Texan Town


Announcement Weekly Info  

Life Principle: Perseverance/Fortitude 

Cowboy Courtesy: Never give up.
ABC of Etiquette: Always look a server in the eye when you are ordering, asking a question, or saying, “Thank you.”

April Birthdays
Marnie Cranmer - 4th
Brett Shelby - 7th
Laci Garza - 11th
Megan Besozzi - 14th
Morgan Peccarelli - 22nd
Stacey Watson - 27th

Engineer of the Week 
Please remember that Brett or I will cover a morning/afternoon or lunch/recess duty for you during the week!  Just email us to let us know what might work out!  Also, you may leave early one day once your kiddos are dismissed!

This week we are celebrating: Jenna Taylor

Final Quote  

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