Sunday, February 1, 2015

Will the Groundhog See His Shadow?

Will he see his shadow?
Getting ready for some Super Bowl watching today. . .even though I sure wish the Cowboys were the ones I get to watch today! Interested to see if the weather will start warming back up or if we might get colder weather in the next few!  For sure though we will need to be warm tomorrow, so let's wear sweats or jeans to start off another amazing week! 
Upcoming Weekly Events
February 2nd-6th, 2015

Monday- Sweats or jeans day!
Groundhog Day
Educator Mid-Year Goal Meetings

Tuesday-Visitor from Marshall ISD Tour - Just one principal approx. 8:30 arrival

Educator Mid-Year Goal Meetings

Wednesday-  Educator Mid-Year Goal Meetings

Faculty Meeting 3:15 - Library (plan on staying till about 4:45-5:00, due to several things on agenda

Visitors from HEB ISD Tour- Several administrators, upper admin and educators 8:15 arrival
Educator Mid-Year Goal Meetings
Friday-  Texan Town
Educator Mid-Year Goal Meetings

Announcement Weekly Info  

Life Principle: Sincerity

Cowboy Courtesy:
Be genuine when you say, “Thank you.”

ABC of Etiquette:  Never place your elbows on the table.

Important Reminders and Updates
Engineering Extravaganza
Thank you so much for everyone who has signed up so far on the board by the elevator!  Please make sure that you have signed up for a station if you haven't already!!  We are trying to please limit it to no more than two teachers per station!  

IMPORTANT:  I need for you to click on the following link by Tuesday of this week and input a catchy name that describes your station and a brief paragraph/blurb that will entice our kiddos to want to come to your station!  (basically like our Tech. Showcase or Texan Town blurbs!)

Click here!
TCE Tours
Please remember that our tours this week are on Tuesday and Thursday.  We will have one more tour next week on Feb. 10th.  Then we will not have any other tours for a while!

Please make sure that learning in the classroom as well as the hallway are showcasing and reflecting our STEM initiative.  

 This could include highlighting the engineering design process, technology usage for learners, various types of assessments for learning or innovation/creativity for learners.  

Keep up the great job showcasing learning in the hallways!!  They are looking so incredible and portraying many ways that our kiddos learn!  Thank you for the hard work on getting them ready! 

Super Teacher Awards
Please try to nominate one or more of your fellow TCE teachers for a Super Teacher award!  The Coppell ISD educator recognition program highlights the 21st Century learning environments, learning designs, and assessments that educators are implementing all of the district to transform teaching and learning.
You may nominate and can provide supporting evidence of transformation with photos, videos and/or written descriptions.
Click on the following link to nominate a Super Teacher now! 

Click here to nominate a Super Teacher!

Book Study:  Opening Minds
We will be doing several activities in the upcoming months focusing around the readings from Choice Words and Opening Minds.  If you could please make sure that you have completed Choice Words as well as have read Chapters 1-4 in Opening Minds by our Professional Learning Day - 
Monday, February 16th!

Shout Outs!
Kasey Kemp, Renee Rohani and Delaine Jordan for receiving our first Super Teacher Awards for this year!  The lesson was from their UbD unit on Impact.  Check out their websites or visuals in their hallway to see more!  

Everyone on the amazing presentations of learning in the classrooms and hallways during our visit from Cannon Elementary!  They were so impressed with the level of accountability across the grade levels in writing, technology and small group instruction!  

Casey Wagner and Candace Coffee for helping with a data dive in science!  They will be helping to share their findings and possible strategies to help us with science/reading instruction at our next vertical meeting!  

Kasey Kemp for getting our Science word wall ready to go and all of those Science teachers who will be helping to get it up and going!  We will start with 4th and 5th and then move down to the lower grade levels!

Everyone for helping to get our Innovation Station and Math/Science Lab going!  They are looking better and I appreciate you going the extra mile to help redesign these rooms!  

Design Team:  Thank you for those of you that were able to come and discuss the progress for the redesign of TCE!  Excited about the possibilities and I appreciate your time!  (Vincenzo, Brehm, Rice, Bowman, Coffee, Shelby, McShan, Kemp, J. Martin)  I know some couldn't make it and we can catch you up for the next time we meet!  
Engineer of the Week
Please remember that Brett or I will cover a morning/afternoon or lunch/recess duty for you during the week!  Just email us to let us know what might work out!  Also, you may leave early one day once your kiddos are dismissed!

This week we are celebrating:  Marly Natherson
We will be looking at several resources to help with non-fiction readers this next week.   As well as we will be looking at strategies to help our learners with comprehension, questioning and inferencing in both fiction and non-fiction readings.  Here are a few that I found to get us thinking about these areas of instruction! 

Final Quote
I liked this quote, because I think some days as educators we put so much of ourselves into what we do each day and it can be truly exhausting. Not every day is the most positive and there may be times when your frustration level runs exceptionally high.  It is in those times we must take a step back and remember why we do what we do each day. . .and keep pushing ahead to make a difference.   

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