Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy Holidays are on the way. . .'cause we only have 5 more days!

I really can't believe we are already here on our last week of December!  This first half of the year has been truly incredible as I have worked alongside the best group of educators in the world!  

It was so much fun celebrating with everyone that could make the Christmas party and needless to say lots of laughter with friends and family was truly a part of the evening!  :)

I am looking forward to our fun activities this week and can't wait to see what you all have been coming up with for our Sing Along on Friday!  There will be more fun-filled treats for you as well for our final 5 days of "Who Do We Think of at Christmas Time"!  
Upcoming Weekly Events
December 15th-19th, 2014

Don't forget Giving Tree Donations! Final day 17th!

Monday- Jeans Day!
Kelly Spears and Mary Kennington out (training)

Jeans Day!
Angie out (morning) Principal Meeting
5th Grade Music Program 8:30am
5th Grade Music Program Evening Performance 6:00pm

Wednesday- Sweats or Jeans Day!

PLC - Brief Meeting 3:15-4:15 - Library
Thursday-  Jeans Day!  (see special schedule)

Brett out all day (Region 10)
North Middle School Holiday Performance 1:00pm - Gym
Winter Parties 2:00pm
Friday- Sweats day or Jeans Day! (see special schedule)

Sing Along - 9:00am
Early release 12:50pm

Announcement Weekly Info  

Life Principle:  Humanitarianism 

Cowboy Courtesy:  When you cough or sneeze, turn your head away from others and cover your mouth.

ABC of Etiquette: Stack trays orderly.

Important Reminders and Updates
 Here are the schedules for Thursday and Friday of this week.
Conference times will need to be shortened due to our events each day.  Our lunch schedules for both days will remain the same except for 5th grade which will need to eat at 12:00pm instead of their usual 12:30 time.  (5th grade you will also want to arrange your recess time earlier on both days)

Please remember that no more than two grade levels at a time should ever be out on the playground together, so please make sure you watch this as you schedule your recess times on these two days and check with grade levels that share your playground areas!  

Book Study - Choice Words   
We will be doing a few more activities with our 1st book study at the beginning of January!  So, please have the rest of Choice Words finished by January 7th!

December Birthdays

Marly Natherson - 26th
Candace Coffee - 28th 

Shout Outs! 
A huge THANK YOU to Kristan and Dale Hruby for opening up their house for our TCE Christmas Party!  We truly appreciate you!

Marly Natherson for organizing the fun notes for the party (wish lists) and for our photo booth set up!  And for finding the pickle on the tree!
Cathy Wilson, Lisa Hansen and Kasey Kemp for being our winners to get to leave early one day (1:30pm) either this week or in January!  

All of TCE for the amazing job you did showing the fabulous educational experiences in our school during the parent/community tours!

4th Grade for helping our kiddos to have a wonderful field trip at the Fort Worth Museum!

Kristan Hruby and Marly Natherson for helping to continue our study with Write From the Beginning and Beyond!

Kelly Burks for attending our Science Vocabulary training for the district!

Everyone for showing their holiday spirit on our Holiday from the Heart night!  The kiddos and parents loved it!

Ashley Martin, Laci Garza and Becky Garrett for another successful run with our Jingle Bell Jog!

Marnie Cranmer (or should we say Jingle) for always bringing a smile to our faces with our runs and our Holiday from the Heart event!

Tommy Yates for being our "Santa" for Holiday from the Heart!
Lisa Hansen and Kelly Spears for helping me dig into some 3rd, 4th and 5th grade data this week!
Brad Cook for sharing some cool coding tools and Renee Rohani for sharing her Blendspace!
Engineer of the Week
We will start back up with more celebrations in January! 
 Coding Resources
Thank you to all of those teams so far who have given their kiddos a chance to explore with coding!  This is a great tool for following directions, problem solving and creating!  
Here are the resources again that Brad shared as well as Renee's link to the Blendspace she created! 
I am also attaching a few other resources I have found you might also be interested in! Just click on the pics below!
Final Quotes 

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