Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving TCE!

I hope that each of you is having an absolutely amazing Thanksgiving and holiday week!  As I sit here in East Texas (full from all of the yummy food cooked up earlier today and after helping my mom get the Christmas tree decorated), I can't help but to be so thankful for my wonderful family, friends and for all you!  I hope each of you had the opportunity to tell someone how much you appreciate them during this special time of the year and that you are all suffering from a very full belly like me!!

I am looking forward to our next three weeks of learning and fun as we enter into the final few weeks of 2014!!   

Upcoming Weekly Events
December 1st-5th, 2014

Giving Tree Donations Start!

Monday- Welcome Back!  Have a Marvelous Monday!

Tuesday- Angie Out Principal Meeting (all day)

Dyslexia Parent Meeting 5:30pm

Wednesday-  Faculty Meeting 3:15-5:15 (Write From the Beginning and Beyond Training - Narrative) 

TAGT conference

Thursday- 5th grade Spelling Bee 1:30pm - Cafeteria

TAGT conference
Friday- Cancelled PST/RTI meeting (see Brett and me for any concerns with kiddos)

Announcement Weekly Info  
Life Principle:  Caring
Cowboy Courtesy:  Hold the door for people rather than letting it close on them.

ABC of Etiquette: Never talk to anyone as if they are servants. Treat them with respect and kindness.

Important Reminders and Updates

Write From the Beginning and Beyond Training
We will be having our next phase of writing training for the whole staff during December and following up training in January.  It will take place during our Faculty meetings and Vertical Meeting times, so we won't have to have any other after school special training days!  
Just know that on December 3rd and 10th to plan on staying after school from 3:15-5:15

Holiday from the Heart
 We will have our annual Holiday from the Heart evening of fun for our families on Wednesday, December 10th from 6:00-7:00pm!  This will be a day when we are already staying late for our training, so we won't have an additional late day!  I will put our sign-up on the board by the elevator on Monday!  We generated a few ideas during team leader, so there should be plenty of choices in where you might help out!  
Remember that you do not have to sign up as a team and we really need to have as many stations as we can, so we can spread out the love all around the school!  So, try for no more than three people per station! 
TCE Parent/Community Tours
 We will be having our 1st round of parent/community tours on December 9th!  The morning tour will be from 9:00-10:30am and will go to K, 1st, 2nd and Specials.  Then the afternoon tour will be from 1:00-2:30pm and will go to 3rd, 4th, 5th and Specials.  I will be sending out a sign-up link for parents this week through my parent blog!  

Book Study - Choice Words 
We will be doing a few more activities with our 1st book study at the beginning of January!  So, please have the rest of Choice Words finished by January 7th!

December Birthdays
Marly Natherson - 26th
Candace Coffee - 28th 

Engineer of the Week 

Please remember that Brett or I will cover a morning/afternoon or lunch/recess duty for you during the week!  Just email us to let us know what might work out!  Also, you may leave early one day once your kiddos are dismissed!

This week we are celebrating:  Marie Sork

 Shout Outs! 
  • Lorri Brehm and her new beautiful granddaughter!  Her name is Laedyn Kay! She weighed 6lbs. 5 oz. and is 19-1/2 inches long!

  • Office staff and Cafeteria Staff for helping to host a wonderful TCE Thanksgiving Feast!
  • 4th and 5th grade for all of their hard work on their STEM lesson design days!
  • Everyone for taking part in our book study and for the great discussion and ideas during PLC!
  • 2nd grade teachers for the wonderful job they did getting our food drive and turkey drive wrapped up for the year!  
  • Ashley, Becky and Laci for all of their help with our Turkey Trot and Marnie and Brett for "running it out" again throughout the day!  
  •  A big shout out to our design team who stayed after school on Thursday to start planning for how we can help to transform our learning environments!  Thank you to:  Meredith Garnier, Lori Vincenzo, Candace Coffee, Kelly Burks, Kasey Kemp, Laci Garza, Ashlin Bowman, Casey Wagner, Kate Seifert, Jennifer Martin, Lorri Brehm, Courtney Rice, Lisa Hansen, Marly Natherson, Kelly McShan, Brett Shelby and Kelly Spears! 

Resources for Questioning
I was thinking about some ways that we could not only get our learners to justify their thinking, but also ways that would tie into our writing/reading strategies when using formative/summative assessments.  Here are a few tips on questioning  that might be beneficial for you!

Final Quote 
 I thought this first quote had some good pointers for us to remember during this time of Thanksgiving. . . 

And this quote was appropriate 
as we get ready for our next  holiday season! 


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